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Natural gas: the diversified offering from Cavagna Group

As we are trying to exit from the pandemic, we are seeing industrial activity pick up. This has been accompanied by the relaunch of social relations and, consequently, of consumption. Demand for raw materials is similarly on the rise, including in the energy market. It is hard to interpret such a volatile scenario, but one thing is for sure, Natural gas will continue to play a key role. It will contribute to address global energy challenges, which Cavagna Group is ready to face.

The acquisition of REPCo

During the latest Enlit Europe exhibition, Cavagna Group presented itself committed to the energy sector in a multifaceted way. This year more than ever. In fact, 2021 opened with a significant step in that direction. We’re talking about the acquisition of REPCo. This company is specialized in the design and engineering of custom-built power, oil& gas plants, from stand alone equipment to integrated systems, from engineering services to the supply of full turn key projects. With REPCo on board, Cavagna has the expertise to manage the supply, commissioning, on-site start-up and after-sales service of these solutions too.

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The main evolution goes by the name of hydrogen

This recent addition also reaffirms our ever-growing commitment to a green economy. Specifically to the achievement of the world’s energy goals, which of course involves biomethane and the synergy between natural gas and hydrogen.

Hydrogen is certainly not new to us. Over the years, we have acquired extensive know-how in various fields of application. Today we are verifying the compatibility of our devices and developing further applications for them when used with either pure hydrogen or hydrogen-natural gas blends*.

*with increasing percentages of hydrogen

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Gas metering system innovation by Cavagna

In the last few years, Cavagna Group started playing a more pivotal role in the natural gas sector by being a supplier of industrial gas meters too. Today we offer industrial gas meters for distribution network applications. Specifically, in custody transfer points within gas transmission networks and local gas distribution networks as well as in large-scale industries and businesses that are connected to the gas distribution network. Speaking of metering systems, we cannot forget to mention also the residential solution part of our offer. In fact, we cover also this section of the natural gas supply chain, with both mechanical gas meters and smart ultrasonic gas meters. The latter have been the real ‘special guest appearances’ at our booth in Milan.

The future of Natural Gas

Natural gas has accounted for nearly half of the increase in global primary energy consumption in recent years. In fact, it is expected to increase by at least 10% over the next five years, reaching a record 4.3 trillion cubic meters in 2024*. And that makes sense. The world will need more and more natural gas moving forward if we want an effective and widespread energy transition based entirely on renewables and a circular economy.

We at Cavagna Group will keep on utilizing our experience and our production capacity in order to guarantee an effective multi-gas equipment supply.

Innovation, high-quality and reliability is what you can find in our natural gas solutions.

*source: International Energy Agency (IEA) Annual Report