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Medical trade show 2023: The Cavagna Group’s healthcare range arrives in Düsseldorf

Nov 20, 2023

With more than 81,000 visitors and over 4,500 exhibitors from around the globe, Medica in Düsseldorf, it is one of the world’s leading B2B trade shows for the medical industry.

The Cavagna Group presented its entire medical gas range for healthcare comprising various different valves including our well established Viproxy® line of digital gas valves for oxygen therapy. They come in different versions from the most basic to the Viproxy® i-1Touch, which is connected to OTUS, the Cavagna Group’s digital platform.

These products will be joined by a new version, the Viproxy® Duo, due out next year, with advanced technology and two control knobs.  

The new Oxygen Therapy and Sleep Care lines complete our medical range, and we presented both during the show.

Our oxygen therapy range includes an oxygen concentrator: a 5-litre, portable low-energy-consumption device that separates oxygen from the surrounding air. It is particularly suitable for patients who need low-flow oxygen therapy. Other products are scheduled to join the range next year.

Our Sleep Line, on the other hand, includes automatic CPAP devices – available in two different models – and BPAP devices, specifically for sleep therapy. Both are designed, with practical controls, to support the lungs when breathing by improving ventilation and oxygenation.

They are compact and extremely manageable so that the patient can move them without particular difficulty.

One outstanding feature is that they can be monitored remotely. They send data to the physician, who is able to constantly monitor the patient’s health. This means the patient does not have to report to the clinic for further examinations.

Being at this trade show has provided us once again with excellent visibility and direct, in-depth knowledge of the new trends in the medical industry.

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