Data Management Platform for remote control

Otus Cavagna Group Platform is a data management system for the remote monitoring of different gas control connected devices. Thanks to an IoT electronic board with communication abilities installed on the devices, this software asset management allows you to remotely control them and have a better understanding of their behavior, guaranteeing improved operations management at all levels. The platform is able to manage different communication technology and protocols available on the market ( GSM, LoRaWAN, NB-Iot, LTE technologies).

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Optimized User Experience

The Cavagna Group data management platform offers a clear and complete visual overview of collected data. All users can make specific data analysis, simply by accessing the platform with a personal account. All personal data is managed in full compliance with IoT security and data protection rules. Personalized and customizable dashboards ensure a quick overview of any device status.

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Usage trends

Get a precise history of all the detections, displacements, quantities of gas used and gas remaining. View insights about any device behavior, make detailed reports with custom parameters and download them in PDF or csv format.

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Keep track of your connected devices, taking advantage of the information communicated by them. Devices are placed on one’s map. The built-in GPS allows to show the position of the devices, simplifying their monitoring and data management.

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Data Notifications

Otus promptly updates you about the status of your connected devices. Any kind of variation registered by the device (position, alarms, battery status, filling level, etc…) will be notified by e-mail, directly to the user.


Our IoT Connected Devices

Our data management platform is available for the following products. Click on the images below to get more information about their IoT functions.

click click - automatic changeover - lpg regulator - multi cylinder - changeover - lpg regulators - propane regulators

Click Click®

LPG Regulators Multi cylinder monitoring solution

gas meter - ultrasonic smart meter - smart meter


Gas Meters Ultrasonic Smart Meter

viproxy - oxygen valve - medical oxygen valve - medical valves

Viproxy® i-1Touch

Medical Valves Oxygen cylinder valve with integrated pressure regulator