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Our Commitment

Committing to sustainability transcends from the very top of organization into one of main business focusses for the future of the Group and the industry. Using the UN Sustainability goals to address continuous environmental improvement and partnerships in community means that we are committed, in every step of our processes, to a cleaner future. For Cavagna Group, considering the Energy Transition is no longer a choice, it is a priority.



Valuing the present
by looking to the future

Cavagna Group proposes solutions that are compatible with the current technological requirements of the different gas molecules, adding the value of innovation.

The Cavagna Group are important contributors thanks to their varied expertise and knowledge in the different methods of the supply chain.

There are important margins for “sustainable” optimisation and improvemenst in the handling, transport, storage and safe use of molecules and gases.
The Group’s vision and dynamism place it as a leading player in the sector’s technological evolution. Added to this is the ability to customise the product. This is also implemented in the most demanding sectors, such as, medical devices in relation to the regulation and control of high-pressure gas molecules and measurement technologies.

Innovative solutions
for digital transformation

Digital technologies and IoT applied to the gas Industry.

Digital transformation, a phenomenon characterising the entire industrial and socio-economic scenario, encourages the gas world to accelerate the introduction of the 4.0 technologies and solutions.
Cavagna Group has developed patents and exclusive solutions that make it one of the most active players in the digital transformation that is applied to its sector.
The evolution, involving products and systems in different areas of molecule and gas use, is also implemented in synergy with the different needs of customers, to meet the most demanding customised technological expectations.

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