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H2 – Hydrogen Valves

Tailored made valves according to the specific application context as in the case of valves and components for fuel cell applications and H2 mobility. Within the offering also CNG and LPG valves. Cavagna Group Products are approved worldwide and used on all types of vehicles (forklifts, cars, trucks, buses, off road vehicles, boats).
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H2 – Hydrogen Valves

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Solenoid Hydrogen valve for Fuel Cell application

The HS1 hydrogen valve developed by Cavagna Group can be used in all automotive applications with 350 bar cylinders. The HS1 hydrogen valve is EC79 certified.
Some characteristics included:

  • Lightweight aluminum high-flow valve
  • High-flow excess flow valve with auto reset
  • High-flow, vented thermobulb PRD
  • Pressure sensor port option
  • Low-torque/high-flow bleed valve
  • Live port for remote PRD
  • Temperature sensor
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