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The Mesura Nirmal plant has been officially inaugurated

Sep 10, 2015

Thanks to the joint venture undertaken between Mesura SA. and Nirmal Industrial Control Privates Ltd., the Cavagna Group is strengthening its own manufacturing presence in the Indian market.

Ponte San Marco (BS) Italy, September 8th 2015 – The Mesura Nirmal plant has been officially inaugurated on September 8th. Located in the region of Gujarat, near Mumbai, this plant is the result of a joint venture undertaken between the Cavagna Group’s company Mesura SA. and Nirmal Industrial Controls Private Ltd., one of India’s market leaders in the gas sector. This partnership actually creates an important business hub for the gas industry in Asia, linking two of the world’s leading companies in the field of gas technologies. The very name of the new company highlights the equal alliance between both partners.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | The Mesura Nirmal plant has been officially inaugurated
Cavagna Group S.p.A. | The Mesura Nirmal plant has been officially inaugurated
Cavagna Group S.p.A. | The Mesura Nirmal plant has been officially inaugurated

With this alliance, Mesura SA. can consolidate and significantly expand its commercial influence in a region of the world with major development prospects for the gas market in all its fields of application. For Nirmal, it essentially means approaching a target of new users for the company, which is specialized in specific types of products for natural gas.

To achieve this goal, the Cavagna Group decided to undertake a project that started more than three years ago, and that today has finally come true, to the mutual satisfaction of the partners.

In this regard, Rino Cavagna, Sales Director of Mesura SA., had the following to say: “We couldn’t overlook the Indian market, which is such an important player in the BRICS economy. That’s why we decided to shift from an exclusively commercial presence – significant though it may be – to having a production facility in this market as well. Nirmal Industrial Controls Private Ltd. is undoubtedly the leading Indian company in the sector of gas technologies, particularly in the field of large-scale pressure regulators for natural gas. We were immediately led to consider a partnership with them, thanks to their market position, their consolidated relationships on the Indian subcontinent and the fact that there is great synergy between their company and our commercial activities. This goal has culminated in a facility that is already working at full speed”.

It is also worth noting that Nirmal is a family-owned industrial group, led by the Desai family; from this point of view, it has much in common with Cavagna.

In this sense, Prakash Desai, Chairman of the Nirmal Group, added: “We have always been especially engaged in designing and manufacturing large-scale pressure regulators and natural gas distribution systems that can handle over 1,000 cubic meters. For that reason, we really welcomed the opportunity to undertake an alliance with Mesura, which is an appreciated manufacturer of gas technologies that are not part of our product offering. As evidenced by our respective product portfolios, there is a high degree of technical and commercial synergy between us, with business development opportunities for both.”

The goals for the first year of activity are to optimize production and get the factory to be fully operational; but the Cavagna Group also wants to consolidate Nirmal Industrial Controls Private Ltd.’s outstanding position in the market, where it enjoys strong relationships and an authoritative presence in the economic and institutional fabric of India as a whole. Whether it is CNG or LPG, India is a market with enormous potential for the gas technology sector.

About Mesura SA.

Founded in 1949, Mesura SA is headquartered in Forbach, eastern France. It is the head of a group of companies that design, manufacture and sell components, systems and services for regulating and measuring natural gas. Mesura’s products are for domestic and industrial applications.

Today, Mesura SA has production plants in France, Tunisia, India and Italy. In 2012, Mesura SA’s companies joined the Cavagna Group, one of the top manufacturers of equipment and components for compressed gas control (gases for energy, alternative fuel gases, medical gases, industrial gases, cryogenic gases and special gases).

About the Cavagna Group

The Cavagna Group has been supplying industries and consumers worldwide since 1949, and it is today’s leading manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and gas control. The Cavagna Group offers the most complete and reliable line of products in the sector, as well as the most dynamic services.

Both the experience and reliability of the Group’s product range have led to long-lasting partnerships with virtually all major oil/gas companies, in addition to producers of compressed gas containers and gas appliance OEMs. The Cavagna Group employs approximately 1,000 people worldwide. The Group is made up of nine vertically integrated production companies in Italy and nine other companies spread out across five continents. With a distribution network consisting of an additional fifteen fully-owned distribution companies, the Cavagna Group now sells its products in more than 135 countries worldwide. For more info, please visit: www.cavagnagroup.com

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