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Pergola: our compressed gases line facility

Mar 22, 2019

Established in 1931, Pergola – one of the Cavagna Group’s factories – stands out for its technological know-how in the field of industrial and medical gas regulation, in addition to its ongoing commitment to innovation.

Pergola unit

Pergola boasts a proud company history of almost 90 years. Over that span, it has been able to reach the highest international standards in the manufacturing of technologies for the control and regulation of industrial gases. For many years, in fact, it has been a benchmark for high pressure valves.

In 1992 it became part of the Cavagna Group, where it found new opportunities for growth and success on the market. In 1997 all of its production departments were brought under one roof – at the vast and well – equipped facilities in Ponte San Marco – in order to assist with its development and evolution in new sectors, focusing on medical gases above all. This move also allowed Cavagna to optimize both the manufacturing process and logistics.

Pergola current product range includes the following:

  • integrated valves for the regulation of industrial gases;
  • integrated valves, regulators and valves for the regulation and supply of gas for medical use;
  • high pressure valves for specialty gases and special applications.

All products are certified by accredited laboratories in compliance with industry-specific regulations. They also undergo rigorous testing (tests are performed on 100% of production) during and at the end of the manufacturing process.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Pergola: our compressed gases line facility

Cleanrooms in Pergola for medical gas technologies

In 2016 Pergola has created a new 500 square meters cleanroom near the one that has been operational for some time. With this new investment, the Cavagna Group now boasts about 800 square meters of cleanrooms as a whole. Gas valves are carefully assembled, tested and packaged in the cleanrooms in order to prevent contamination.

“A cleanroom is a climate-controlled environment in which both pressure and particle pollution are regulated. The technology around environmental contamination control is now fully developed and well-tested” as Valentino Treccani, Director of Pergola, explains.

All these years, the Group has always been extremely careful to address the following issues:

  • energy efficiency: the facility saves energy thanks to the use of the latest technology in air handling units, as well as the use of walls and materials that offer low particle release and the most advanced sealing techniques. For cooling we use water from a well that we have dug specifically for this purpose in order to reduce the energy consumption for air-conditioning in the environment;
  • contingency: the new facility has been designed and built in order to ensure continuity of operation should a product line be temporarily interrupted;
  • flow of materials: “minifactory” logic has been applied in the different areas of the cleanroom, thereby ensuring that components are kept as close as possible to the assembly area;
  • personnel training: adopting appropriate conduct in cleanrooms guarantees further protection for the products that are assembled inside.

Finally, the Cavagna Group operates a facility which can only be described as an R&D center of excellence, dedicated to technologies for the control of medical gases. This center offers a valuable service to the entire gas industry through its innovative, efficient and competitive solutions, including the use of the “Internet of Things”.

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