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A new valve guard for the Viproxy® Neos and Viproxy® IoT Futura.

Dec 11, 2018

Cavagna Group is always looking to innovate and stand out, even when it comes to accessories. Below the latest example.

The valve guard that protects the integrated digital gas valves for medical O2.

The Cavagna Group knows that to be a leader in gas pressure regulation, both your devices and your accessories need to be innovative. That is precisely why the Group has launched a special valve guard designed to protect the integrated digital valve for medical gases Viproxy® Neos and the brand-new Viproxy® IoT Futura. The valve guard is mainly designed to protect the valve against impact—for example if the cylinder is accidentally dropped—but it also simplifies the use, handling and filling of the cylinder. In developing this accessory, Cavagna’s team of designers relied on their experience with previous valve guard models, while also considering insights from customers in various markets. More than anything, however, they focused on the distinctive features of the newest Viproxy® valves. Indeed, not only does the valve guard perfectly protect the valve, the pressure regulator and the pressure gauge (which is digital in these latest models), but it also houses the batteries and the data transmission system. The design team—which featured members of Cavagna’s R&D, Sales and Marketing departments—came up with an original shape for the valve guard that is at once ergonomic, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Simply put, this new design is significantly better than anything seen before, with practical benefits for hospital workers and people in charge of filling gas cylinders.

The new valve guard is sturdy and protective without taking up too much space. Its ergonomic design protects the handwheel and makes it easy for technicians or patients to use, while also facilitating access to the valve’s quick-connect outlet and hose barb (both located on the front of the valve). The valve guard also features a sturdy, ergonomic handle that allows users to handle the cylinder with ease and position the cylinder at the right angle. The digital pressure gauge – which is especially sensitive to impact—is protected by a slight lip on the front of the guard and a clear plastic cover. The guard’s exterior has been designed to prevent the buildup of dirt and can be easily sanitized. Even the data transmission module and the pressure gauge’s batteries are located on the back and side of the valve guard, based on the chosen setup. Cavagna’s design team also considered how to install the valve guard – indeed, customers can choose to have it preinstalled on the Viproxy® valve, making installation of the valve (on the cylinder) itself much less time-consuming.

But the advantages don’t stop there. The valve guard is equipped with a small side door that covers—and thus protects—the filling port, preventing any contaminants from getting in. This means that users can simply remove the door when they need to fill the cylinder, without having to open and close the port’s brass cap. Furthermore, with just a minor modification, the new Viproxy® Neos and Viproxy® IoT Futura valve guard can easily protect the analog version of Viproxy 1 touch. And for the most demanding customers, a version in flame-retardant plastic is available. Cavagna’s new valve guard meets the requirements of the ISO 11117 standard and passed the drop test.

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