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A new digital valve in the Viproxy valve product range

Jul 25, 2018

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | A new digital valve in the Viproxy valve product range

The digital gauge and control systems on the Viproxy NEOS integrated pressure regulator valve pave the way towards an Industry 4.0 evolution in the regulation of oxygen and medical gases.

Having already successfully innovated its application range, the Viproxy integrated pressure regulator valve has now gone digital in order to provide an even safer, more user-friendly and more efficient product.

The Viproxy valve is a leader in the industry and the preferred choice among healthcare professionals thanks to its high quality and reliability, not to mention the fact that it is so practical and easy to use; but now, digital technology has taken this “user-friendliness” to a whole new level. Indeed, Viproxy NEOS is now firmly the best-in-class pressure regulator valve for medical gases, especially with regard to the dialogue between valve and caregiver and valve and patient. In addition to enhancing safety for the patient, who can have real-time information about the operation of the cylinder, Viproxy NEOS can also optimize the time spent by caregivers and family members taking care of the sick or providing in-home care. In any case, the primary focus is on the safety of patients, who are given instant information on the delivery of their oxygen.

The main feature of the Viproxy NEOS is its large, easy-to-read display, which indicates the time remaining for the selected flow and the residual pressure of the cylinder. It can also be equipped with an excess flow device upon request. Its backlit gauges are particularly useful for easy reading in low light or in the evening. Moreover, the dual reading dials on the side and on the top of the flow selector allow for easy reading from different viewpoints. Lastly, alarms and warning signals are both visible and audible.

While Viproxy NEOS is certainly practical, no compromises were made in terms of safety: a bronze filter embedded in the valve inlet prevents particles from entering the system. There is also a built-in residual pressure device in order to protect the cylinder from accidental contamination, as well as a low torque non-rotating spindle shut-off valve (with an integrated ten-position flow-setting device). The high-flow piston regulator is also protected by a labyrinth filter with an innovative design.

Digitization optimizes the valve’s overall functionality and regulation capabilities, increasing the operational efficiency, reliability, and durability of the product.

Viproxy NEOS is not just an innovative concept—it is a high-quality product as well. One look at its main technical details confirms this: it is suitable for an oxygen service pressure of up to 300 bar (4351 PSI); the digital gauge is available in PSI or bar scales; there is a non-return valve in the filling port; it complies with all the requirements of the EN-ISO 10524-3, CE and TT standards, in accordance with European directives for devices of this sort; it is certified MRI compatible up to 3 Tesla; it conforms to the PILL test ASTM G-175 (up to 300 bar); it boasts 5 years of battery life; and it has an IP rating of 65.

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