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Metered LPG estates advantages

Apr 11, 2019

Metered LPG estates are a popular choice for housing developments in areas without access to the mains gas network.

This means that homes benefit from a metered service that feels very much like being on the national mains gas network.

But, specifically, what are the advantages of metered LPG estates? Let’s see them!

1. A reliable and continuous supply, in every period of the year, in every zone.

The best solution for many is to install a community tank that serves multiple homes. Instead of each having its own LPG tank, a community of homes share a large LPG tank, located either above or below ground, that pipe fuels into each home through an underground piping system.

Like this, each home is fitted with an external meter box, which allows the gas company to monitor the LPG consumption of a metered estate and take care of automatic top-ups, eliminating the need to reorder.

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2. Guaranteed consumption control.

Each homeowner can easily monitor consumptions based on extremely accurate meter readings, such as the ones that are guaranteed by the most advanced ultrasonic smart meters.

Thanks to an Internet access and a detailed data usage, ultrasonic smart meters assure:

  • accurate meter readings
  • reduction of business costs
  • advanced alarms
  • remote asset monitoring
  • remote valve operation.

3. You pay for only the amount of LPG used!

From these accurate meter readings, each homeowner receives a regular bill: he does not have to pay in advance for a large amount of gas, but he pays for only the LPG that he has actually consumed.

So that, homeowners benefit from transparent billing, available online through personal users page.

It is easy to assume that, thanks to metered LPG estates advantages, homeowners will never have to worry about running out of gas again!

Learn more about the benefits Metered LPG estates in this video!

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