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Innovative solutions at eLPGWeek

Nov 11, 2020

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Innovative solutions at eLPGWeek

Cavagna Group was able to take part in the World LPG Forum this year too, even if it was in a digital way this time.

Why did we decide to participate? What did we expect before the event and how did it really go?

So many questions, a unique answer: innovative solutions. Yes, those were the keywords of the first World Virtual Conference entirely focused on the LPG industry.

We probably all agree that 2020 has not been quite such an ‘easy’ year, for anyone, due to the pandemic. This is exactly the reason why we decided to participate in this event, to keep on collaborating with the World LPG Association during this difficult year, to support our industry.

During the first lockdown, LPG has proven to be an ‘essential business’ throughout the World and the LPG industry has been able to guarantee its continuous flow by adapting itself and making adjustments when necessary. This digital event has proven exactly that. It has demonstrated that the LPG industry is able to find ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions, just by looking outside of its ‘comfort bubble’ as Rebecca Ball, our Sales Area Manager for Greengear Global, called it during her speaking session titled ‘Innovation for Growth’.

Cavagna Group took part in this event, not just to simply ‘be there’, to get new contacts and show its product range, as is the norm during traditional fairs. First and foremost, we participated in eLPGWeek in order to demonstrate our intention to play an active role in the digital transformation that the LPG industry is facing. Landscapes are constantly changing and so are we. Driven by technology, we have been able to adapt our business models, make them more effective and profitable, by offering innovative and advanced solutions to our customers.

That point was also the focus of our Company Video Presentation. A short virtual journey into our Headquarters in Brescia (Italy), where the manufacturing of our core products has continued throughout the last few difficult months and where new paths have evolved by investing in the ‘Internet of Things’.

Our most recent innovative solution is OTUS, an asset management platform that our IoT Department developed. Also within the gas sector, we have the chance to improve our businesses by taking advantage of data collection and deep insightsBy considering Artificial Intelligence and digital technology as an integral part of our processes and applications, today we are able to provide a complete service. OTUS allows us to offer not only our gas expertise, granted by more than 70 years of activity in the gas industry. It also ensures a secure and advanced gas cylinder monitoring system.

What we expected from the eLPGWeek was simply a different way to connect to our partners and customers, but we found out much more than that. We realized that the LPG industry has exactly what it takes to face the digital transformation that is going on around us. And for our part, we hope that, despite the distance, we have been able to communicate the Cavagna Group’s philosophy and our firm commitment to make the LPG supply chain easier and ‘smarter’ thanks to our connected devices.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Innovative solutions at eLPGWeek
Cavagna Group