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Checking for a gas leak on your propane cylinder

Apr 29, 2020

How to check for a gas leak when exchange your propane cylinder?

A gas leak test is the most important safety check when you change out your propane cylinder. You must check for gas leaks every time you connect the cylinder, but don’t worry, it is as easy as soaping it up, pressuring it up, checking for bubbles and rinsing it off: don’t believe it? Keep on reading!

If there is a gas leak you are generally warned by the unpleasant smell (like a rotten egg) that propane distinctively has. This is one of the safety features of your propane system, but to verify there are no gas leaks when connecting your cylinder you must follow these steps for the soapy water test.


Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Checking for a gas leak on your propane cylinder

Gas leak or no Gas leak? Find out thanks to the SOAPY WATER TEST!

Every time you connect a cylinder or if you just want to make sure your cylinder system is working safely, you need just 5 simple steps to check it out. The soapy water test is good for outdoor appliance cylinders such as on barbecues, or other home propane cylinder systems and propane forklifts. Let’s get started!

  1. Make sure the valve of your propane cylinder is closed;
  2. Mix one part dishwashing liquid soap to three parts water in a bowl or a spray bottle, then soap up the entire hose assembly including the valve and regulator;
  3. Brush, wipe or use a sponge to soap it all over;
  4. Make sure the controls of the appliance are in the “off” position, then slowly open the cylinder valve. This pressurizes the system;
  5. If you immediately hear escaping gas or if you smell propane, DO NOT PANIC close the cylinder valve and call your propane retailer immediately. Do Not use the propane cylinder. Return the cylinder to your propane supplier for replacement.

Even IF YOU DO NOT HEAR ESCAPING GAS or IF YOU DO NOT SMELL PROPANE, CHECK FOR BUBBLES from the propane cylinder valve all the way to where the hose attaches to the appliance.

At this point, if you do not see bubbles forming, it means that there aren’t any gas leaks: you are not at risk and you can just rinse the suds off with clean water and let it drip dry.


But, what if I see bubbles?

If you see bubbles, hear escaping gas, or if you smell propane.

First of all, DO NOT PANIC and, only if it is safe, turn off the cylinder valve immediately; put out all smoking materials and other open flames. Do not operate any electrical devices such as a light switch or your cell phone.

Move away from the area and call your propane retailer or the fire department. You can use your propane system again only after a qualified professional inspects your cylinder and appliance to ensure it will continue to run safely and efficiently.
Go to the SOAPY WATER TEST video

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Checking for a gas leak on your propane cylinder
Cavagna Group