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Cavagna Group developed a digital platform for the gas devices remote monitoring

May 13, 2021

A digital platform for the smart management of gas devices and data collection

We at the Cavagna Group view artificial intelligence and digital technology as integral parts of our processes and applications. That’s why today we offer an innovative service for the collection and management of data measured by smart devices. OTUSthe digital platform designed by our in-house IoT department, combines our know-how in the gas industry with the great opportunity presented by the Internet of Things.

    Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Cavagna Group developed a digital platform for the gas devices remote monitoring
    Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Collecting data is a priority in the gas market: use OTUS!

    But is the gas market ready to welcome such innovation?

    The first strong signs of progress came last year, at the virtual e-LPG Week event. Carried out entirely online, this event not only allowed our Group to maintain contact with our partners and customers in this difficult time, it also provided some key indications as to the direction the LPG industry is headed.

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    On that occasion, we decided to shine the spotlight on our OTUS digital platform. This is not only a reliable asset management system that can make the LPG supply chain smarter and more user-friendly. In fact, our in-cloud platform also does more than that: it is a key ally in many gas applications.

    OTUS allows you to:

    • have a clear, immediate overview of the status of your devices thanks to customizable dashboards;
    • create detailed reports that can be downloaded as PDF or CSV files;
    • obtain updates on the connected devices for any changes recorded (location, battery status, gas level, etc.);
    • view accurate data history relating to cylinder movement, remaining gas levels, etc.
    • know the location of your devices, which makes monitoring and operational management much easier.

    A safe and digital platform

    The Cavagna Group’s digital asset management system acts as a centralized hub that collects data from smart devices. It can handle various communication technologies (GSM, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT and LTE), and offers users a comprehensive view of collected data. In fact, each authorized user accesses the digital platform with a personal account to consult their IoT devices information, view data history and conduct analyses. In addition, it’s all completely secure, as OTUS guarantees full compliance with data protection and security regulations.

    Assets and applications

    Medical valves monitoring

    In healthcare, it’s fundamental to keep track of distributed oxygen cylinders and to remotely monitor the usage of medical valves. Indeed, the collection, management and use of data in this field is now an undeniable priority. Just like LPG operators, suppliers of services in the medical gas market want a more optimized way of managing their oxygen cylinder fleets, with the twofold objective:

    • ensuring just-in-time delivery
    • never losing track of where their oxygen cylinders are distributed.

    Today, suppliers can offer their customers a safer, better service thanks to IoT and interconnected devices, which translates to time and money savings for both gas company and hospital.

    Presenting a valid aid in medical cylinders managementViproxy i-1Touch, the latest addition to our medical valve range. Viproxy i-1Touch is a smart oxygen valve with communication abilities, a cutting edge solution to innovate the oxygen therapy.

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    Gas metering
    As for gas metering applications, the communication abilities of smart gas meters combined with a data collection hub like OTUS means that operators and final users always have reliable data at hand. This comes up with realistic consumption forecasts, which in turn allow operators to better understand market dynamics and build more targeted sales strategies.

    Cavagna Group offers an advantageous domestic gas metering solution which includes the digital platform service and an ultrasonic smart meter. This is called Prodigi and its special feature lies in a remotely controlled shut-off valve. By means of a simple click on the digital platform, the gas company, if needed, can activate it remotely and stop the gas flow.

    LPG cylinder monitoring
    The Cavagna Group digital platform communicates with another perfect solution for LPG cylinder management. ClickClick is the name of the innovative IoT device that, when installed on an automatic changeover regulator, allows remote monitoring of LPG multi-cylinder systems. With ClickClick, running out of LPG will be no longer a problem. It doesn’t matter how far away the consumers are from their LPG cylinders , they will always receive a notification from OTUS.

    Watch the video to see how ClickClick works.

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