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VisioSafe: the new must-have on your natural gas regulator

Sep 15, 2021

VisioSafe is an overpressure and underpressure color-changing indicator, developed by MESURA®.

How it works

Understanding whether there is an active gas flow on your regulator is no longer a problem when VisioSafe is installed on it. This device lets users know if gas is exiting correctly from the outlet port or if it has been stopped by the safety shut-off device inside the regulator due to an abnormal increase or decrease of outlet pressure.
The status of VisioSafe is easily recognisable based on its color indicator.
If there is an active gas flow, the indicator will clearly show the color green. If there is a blockage, the indicator will clearly show the color red.

TIP: If you are already using one of the following MESURA® regulators (models S1/S2/S4/S7/S9/Type 781), you can easily change the existing on the regulator to the VisioSafe add-on. Otherwise, you will find this new, clever and unique device already installed on new MESURA® regulators.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | VisioSafe: the new must-have on your natural gas regulator

The origin of VisioSafe

The first steps leading to the development of VisioSafe were taken in 2017, when MESURA® helped one of its customers face a historical challenge. This particular company needed a specific device on their existing regulators to allow them to remotely know whether there was an active gas flow where the regulators had been installed.

In fact, the overpressure shut-off device (OPSO) inside their regulators would stop the gas flow whenever it detected an abnormal increase in outlet pressure. It is exactly at this point that the gas company would have to visit the end user’s house in order to check the origin of the anomaly. In most cases, however, the technician — upon opening the — instantly realized that the shut-off device had not been activated and that the regulator simply needed to be manually reset by means of a lever. Once the OPSO was released, the regulator would resume operation and the gas would flow again.

After various interventions like the one mentioned above, the gas company understood that if they gave end users the chance to carry out an initial visual diagnosis, they could carry out a key part of the technician’s mission. If the OPSO had not been triggered, it meant that the flow was still active and the user could reset the flow themselves by using the regulator lever. By doing so, the company could fix the problem without sending a technician on site — and thereby save on operational costs.

In light of this, the gas company asked all their suppliers, including MESURA®, to provide a visual solution for monitoring the OPSO’s operational status. MESURA® took up the challenge and, six months later, presented the first prototype without changing the regulator’s design.

VisioSafe can potentially go on any natural gas regulator with an OPSO (excluding the S8 model). Since the product launch last winter, other companies have shown their interest in it. In fact, new orders for regulators already equipped with VisioSafe have arrived from several countries, such as Portugal, Belarus, Russia and Spain.

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