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Green Light for Cavagna’s ENERKIT Line

Mar 4, 2014

Brescia, Italy, March 04, 2014 – Cavagna Group is pleased to introduce the ENERKIT Line, an innovative line of gasoline to LPG conversion systems for small engines. The target market includes a wide range of applications from trimmers and blowers to lawnmowers and snow throwers, from freestanding power generators and water pumps to ride-on mowers and industrial vehicles such as forklifts.

ENERKIT is a result of the Alternative Fuel System Division’s commitment to supporting the increased usage of LPG fuel. Be it at home or outdoors, LPG promotes a healthier and greener way of life.

By replacing the carburetor, ENERKIT enables all engines to easily convert to LPG. Conversion offers the consumer the immediate benefits of protecting the environment and saving money. In addition, ENERKIT provides lower odor emissions, reduced engine maintenance, and greater convenience. ENERKIT’s simple, clean connection to an LPG cartridge or cylinder eliminates spilled gasoline.

This innovative project features a range of products in two categories:

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Green Light for Cavagna’s ENERKIT Line

ENERKIT BASIC, designed for mono-fuel 2 and 4-stroke engines from 20 cc to 450 cc, is based on an innovative LPG carburetor. With ENERKIT, the carburetor is installed between the air filter and the intake manifold, as in the traditional gasoline carburetor.

ENERKIT BASIC offers three models: it can be used in handheld tools such as trimmers powered by cartridges; walk behind/recreational equipment such as lawnmowers powered by cartridges or small cylinders; and freestanding equipment such as generators powered by cylinders.

The new ENERKIT BASIC carburetor brings together all the features necessary for this type of fuel supply:

 Pressure Reduction (through a double-stage regulator) to stabilize the pressure and vaporize the liquid gas if needed;
 Pressure Adjustment to the levels required by each engine;
 Shut-Off Valve to stop gas supply when the engine is off or in case of accidental switching;
– Gas Vacuum Stage, in correspondence with the shut-off valve, according to the engine’s needs;
 Mixer with the function to mix the air and gas
 Cam or Bayonet throttle System of the air and gas quantity which opens and closes the flow mechanically, according to the acceleration;
 Idling Speed Adjustment System placed in the carburetor.


The ENERKIT PLUS line converts 250 cc to 850 cc 4-stroke engines (such as forklifts, ride-on mowers, and industrial sweepers) to LPG.

In order to power these engines, Cavagna has developed two configurations: mono-fuel and bi-fuel. The innovative mono-fuel system, for installation by OEMs only, integrates the functions of gas supply in the LPG mixer, eliminating the carburetor and the fuel tank. The bi-fuel configuration, primarily for aftermarket conversions, uses a traditional gas mixer inserted between the air filter and the gasoline carburetor.

ENERKIT PLUS is available in vapor-phase and liquid-phase withdrawal.

Miriam Cavagna — Cavagna Group Marketing and Communication Manager
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