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The Energy Transition is already underway

May 30, 2022

This is a challenge, but also an opportunity

The worldwide socio-economic development and the future of the planet depend on the so-called ‘twin transformation‘. That is to say, the synergy between digital and the energy transition.
In many fields where gas molecules are strategic, this scenario is already a reality. Cavagna Group is moving through it, by supporting and promoting a progress that is manageable, current and competitive. Both for entrepreneurship as well as for the people’s well-being and sustainability.
Henceforth, digital and energy go hand in hand, both necessary to provide effective benefits to people and the environment. It is precisely in this direction that the Cavagna Group is heading.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | The Energy Transition is already underway

Reach the other bank with us!

By your side, on the (long) bridge of the energy transition is exactly where Cavagna Group would like to position itself.

This is no small feat; we can see that. We are fully aware the transition to a sustainable energy system to shape a cleaner future requires a massive change, but change is embedded in the history and culture of the Cavagna Group. We have been demonstrating this in over 70+ years in the energy business, progressing ‘gas by gas’, application after application.
Truly convinced that, now more than ever, the future relies on today’s choiceswe are ready to support the energy industry, by tackling the energy transition across the board. Not only by investing in innovative product development, but also in the upstream green renewable gases supply chain.

LPG role in the Energy Transition for Cavagna Group

LPG, as well as other gases, is still important to us, although for different reasons than in the past. Looking at so called ‘Future Fuels’, we cannot lose sight of the role that gas still plays in achieving the global sustainable emissions reduction targets. In order to support a process towards a low carbon economy at the lowest overall cost, we need to treasure the knowledge and experience that come from gas and use it to obtain and manage renewable energy sources, such as bioLPGbiomethanehydrogen and rDME.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | The Energy Transition is already underway

Concrete opportunities for the energy transition

The energy transition implies the production of gas from non-conventional sources that will require investment in new infrastructures. Therefore, an increase in demand for components (regulators, valves, meters, etc.) and related services can be expected. Knowledge in gas management is crucial for the development of new skills, this is indispensable for a successful transition. The Cavagna Group, who is currently working on projects including biogas, Renewable LPG, rDME and hydrogen, demonstrates this. The Cavagna Group’s approach is not only vertical, products and systems, but also transversal. That is to say, it includes research, development, engineering and plant construction. This is also possible thanks to recent acquisitions of companies that respond to the growing demand for ‘green gas’ plant projects.


Not everything can be ‘electrified’. That is the awareness that drives governments and institutions to emphasise the role of gas in the energy transition.
Rather, we will see an increasingly effective ‘convergence’ between renewable and fossil sources. However, it is also crucial to improve networks and distribution from a green perspective. That is why the gas molecule technology industry is called upon to play a key role in assisting sustainable development and a responsible transition. In this context, the Cavagna Group positions itself as one of the most committed and proactive industrial groups worldwide, while being a reference for the entire gas chain.

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