The Cavagna Group attended many gas industry events around the world over the course of 2017, allowing the Group to show off the results of its engineering and manufacturing efforts. These trade fairs are often linked to conferences organized by the most prestigious associations in the gas industry.
And indeed, when it comes to technologies for filling, transporting, regulating and controlling gases in industrial, medical and domestic applications, the Cavagna Group continues to stand out as one of the most prominent companies in the field.
In particular, the Cavagna Group offers a wide range of LPG products, covering everything from state-of-the-art solutions that enable conventional engines to run on LPG to the most advanced technologies for filling, storing and transporting LPG. It is worth noting that this gas is becoming increasingly popular because it is practical, money-saving and environmentally friendly.
The solutions proposed by the Cavagna Group have shown that alternative fuels such as LPG and methane gas can guarantee safety, performance and functionality of engines in the automotive industry.
The development of LPG applications was also the focus of other international events in which the Cavagna Group showcased its Greengear-branded products.
In particular, the Group featured its outdoor equipment, water pumps and power generators, which all run on LPG instead of traditional (and polluting) gasoline.
From this point of view, 2017 was an important year for the Greengear brand, which drew increased interest on the part of industry insiders and visitors at many fairs. Reactions ranged from simple curiosity to full-fledged commercial engagements.
A great deal of this success can be attributed to the Cavagna Group’s dealers, who have been very active on markets around the world.
The Cavagna Group also proposed solutions in other fields of application during its 2017 tour of the world’s leading international fairs. For example, the Group’s new solutions for high-pressure gas regulation were extremely well-received, in particular as regards gases used in manufacturing chains and medical settings.
Innovative products such as the Viproxy line have become the market benchmark in their respective fields of application, and indeed they reaffirm the overall market positioning of the Cavagna Group as one of the leading companies in R&D.