Ponte San Marco, Brescia, August 27th 2018 – The Cavagna Group, an international leader in technology for the control and regulation of compressed gas headquartered in Ponte San Marco, Brescia, has finalized its acquisition of the assets of Qgas S.r.l. Located in Sansepolcro (province of Arezzo), Qgas specializes in the design and manufacture of natural gas meters.

The agreement reached this past July 3rd will transfer both tangible and intangible assets to the Cavagna Group. The acquisition is another part of the Cavagna Group’s plan to expand its range of products and services in the field of LPG and natural gas, providing the market with complete, integrated solutions. More specifically, the purchase of Qgas’ assets will accelerate the Cavagna Group’s organic growth process in the field of gas metering, adding domestic diaphragm meters to Cavagna’s range of ultrasonic smart meters.

The range of Qgas meters will be fully integrated under the Cavagna Group’s “Mesura” brand, which specializes in low-, medium- and high-pressure natural gas regulation. The purchased assets will be transferred to a new plant dedicated to meter production located near the Cavagna Group’s main headquarters in Ponte San Marco.

The Cavagna Group’s current product range in the field of natural gas is the result of important business decisions made over the years. Indeed, in addition to high-capacity pressure regulators and pressure reducing stations, it also covers technology for gas distribution networks supplying commercial and domestic consumers: gas meters now complete the offering.

Qgas boasts extensive experience in the gas meter industry. Their specialist skills are complemented by resources in metalworking, thermoplastic injection molding and ICT systems.
This combination of skills is crucial to the company’s ability to design, manufacture and obtain type approval for domestic and industrial diaphragm gas meters (with or without automated meter reading capabilities). In addition to being remarkably efficient and reliable, these products are also competitive on the market.

Based on this know-how and capacity to meet market demands, the Cavagna Group views the acquisition of Qgas’ specific assets as a strategic way to strengthen its own product offering in the field of gas metering.

Miriam Cavagna – Cavagna Group Head of Marketing and Communication
miriamcavagna@cavagnagroup.com – +390309663111

Cavagna Group: For 70 years, the Cavagna Group has been a global leader providing advanced, integrated solutions for the control, regulation and storage of compressed gas (gas for energy, alternative fuel gases, medical gases, industrial gases, cryogenic gases and specialty gases). It was founded in 1949 in northern Italy, near Brescia, an area long renowned for its metalworking industry. Today, the Cavagna Group is made up of eleven vertically integrated production companies in Italy and seven other companies spread out across five continents. With a distribution network consisting of an additional fifteen fully-owned companies, the Group now sells its products in more than 145 countries worldwide.