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The Cavagna Group Academy!

Nov 4, 2019

The Cavagna Group Academy is a reality now!

The Group once again reaffirms its commitment to professional growth, this time with the establishment of an in-house center devoted entirely to professional training.

We at the Cavagna Group have always viewed human resources as an essential, strategic asset. Indeed, strong human resources fuel credible, sustainable growth that stays in step with the times. This has only been reaffirmed with the establishment of an in-house center devoted entirely to professional training: the Cavagna Group Academy. The Cavagna Group Academy has been set up to address a number of topics, with priority going to technical refresher courses. Indeed, Cavagna products are the fruit of advanced engineering and manufacturing. This requires a constant refinement of skills, exchange of know-how and acquisition of knowledge.

It takes a great deal of study and dedication to make our Group’s vision a reality: to be there with our products and technology wherever gas is used. We want to be a driver of change, which is especially crucial when it comes to Industry 4.0, automated production lines and the application of IoT to the Group’s entire product range.

The Academy was created following an exchange of ideas between Group managers, who together mapped out the Group’s needs—and it has been further strengthened thanks to a partnership with the ISFOR professional development center in Brescia. It is a veritable, full-time “school” that all employees can benefit from. The goal is to help employees acquire skills in Cavagna’s various fields of operation, which in turn will help them best face a constantly evolving market, from both a technical and a cultural point of view.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | The Cavagna Group Academy!

The Cavagna Group Academy focuses on five main learning areas:

  • Getting to know the Cavagna Group;
  • Technical Skills and Production;
  • Quality;
  • Digitization and Information Systems;
  • Cross-disciplinary Skills.

A series of training sessions has been organized for each area. In total, there are 25 modules lasting from 2 to 16 hours each, which are repeated up to three times a year. That translates to 90 hours of training per quarter and up to 488 potential partecipant.

Most of the trainers are in-house employees who have gone through specific training themselves thanks to a special “Train the Trainers” program. These “academics” are united under one motto:

“Let’s start the change!”

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | The Cavagna Group Academy!
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