Meter LPG

In Europe, and indeed all around the world, there are many urban areas that cannot be reached by natural gas networks. For example, the location and logistical circumstances of some residential areas leave them with no choice but to look for alternative energy sources in order to fuel their heating and cooking appliances. In such cases, choosing a metered LPG supply is an ideal solution to support property development where a natural gas network is not feasible. Thanks to this technology, users can benefit from accurate meter readings which guarantee the same level of efficiency as the main energy distribution network.
In this case, most users prefer to install a communal bulk tank, or a set of tanks connected to their houses. The LPG tank can be placed above or below ground (i.e. an external tank or an underground tank), but in both cases an underground piping system distributes the fuel to the connected houses. It is worth noting the many similarities between the use of a natural gas distribution network and that of a metered LPG service. And not surprisingly, this distribution solution is becoming more and more popular. At a metered estate, each house is equipped with its own domestic meter, which makes it easy to monitor actual consumption through accurate meter readings.
The LPG supplier can even remotely monitor the LPG level in the tank and refill it promptly, so that customers never have to order their gas.
Therefore, customers can benefit from a continuous and reliable gas supply. Each property owner is billed periodically based on a reading of their LPG meter, and thanks to advanced smart meter systems, these same customers (households, offices and shops) can monitor their consumption on devices with internet access.
Often, it is the gas distribution companies themselves that need an increasingly reliable and up-to-date technological solution: to that end, smart meters can help utility companies and gas distribution companies measure LPG consumption through a detailed system of data usage.
Moreover, thanks to functions such as remote asset control, advanced alarm systems and remote control of valves, smart meters help lower a company’s total costs. Architects and construction companies have found an ally in metered LPG supplies, especially when they have to build in rural or newly developed areas, as it allows them to offer the same benefits as the natural gas network but with a substantial reduction of costs. Thanks to the advantages of a metered LPG supply, domestic users will no longer have to worry about a lack of gas supply.