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Prodigi: the new ultrasonic gas meter for a smarter gas metering

Sep 3, 2018

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | It makes good money-saving sense to fit VIPRs, instead of standard cylinder valves

It makes good money-saving sense to fit VIPRs – Valves with integrated pressure regulator, instead of standard cylinder valves, wing to their proven performance and the little maintenance they need over their long service lifespan. Read here to find out why it make more sense money-wise to opt for VIPR Integrated valves in every case.

Cylinders fitted with standard hand wheel valves are widespread among companies and institutions that use gas on a daily basis in their operations. Moreover the gas companies that supply these cylinders with standard valves are cost-control-oriented and disinclined towards implementing more expensive technologies.
Hand-wheel-valve-equipped cylinders are still the number one choice among gas suppliers. Customers then connect the valve to a pressure regulator with gauge, shut off valve, and flow meter to control gas flow and delivery. These components are kept in stock on site and used as needed, and each one undergoes routine maintenance in the interest of performance and safety.
In these circumstances, it is the customer that foots the bill for the purchase, management, storage and maintenance of each individual component. Furthermore, assembling the components and checking system safety on a regular basis takes time. Finding a way to make this additional gas control equipment unnecessary would benefit the end user enormously.
Luckily, a great win-win technology already exists for end users and gas suppliers alike. Valves with Integrated Pressure Regulators (VIPRs) are devices with supplementary functions built into a single unit. Their compact mono-body design includes a shut off valve, pressure regulator with gauge, and flow meter.
The end user no longer has the incumbent task of assembling and stocking up with several individual components. A single heavy duty casing encloses all the gas control functions needed to ensure precise gas flow in full safety. The end user, therefore, more than makes up for the additional cost of a VIPR, compared to that of a standard valve, by saving time and money throughout the valve’s lifetime.
In the long run, end users save money with VIPR – Valves with integrated pressure regulator.
To persuade end users to implement new technologies, gas suppliers have to provide cylinders already fitted with VIPRs. So far VIPR technology has been slow to take off because standard valves are cheaper than the new ones. Nevertheless VIPR systems have become the norm in some industries and, where they have, their money-saving advantages are evident. For instance, as many as 85% of the valves now in use in the medical industry in some parts of the world are VIPRs. Gas companies have succeeded in off-setting their additional costs by charging their customers more for VIPR technology. At the same time, customers are perfectly happy to pay a touch more given the significantly lower operating costs.
The benefits gas suppliers can achieve by adopting VIPR technology early on include a competitive advantage thanks to the real added value their customers get, and the consequent higher customer loyalty that ensues.
Last but not least, enclosing all components in one heavy duty casing means there are fewer places leakage may occur, with a drastic improvement in safety.
Cavagna Group has been an industry leader in integrated valve technology for several years. Cavagna’s medical VIPR valves, for instance, implement digital technology so that caregivers may administer gas therapy with extreme accuracy more easily. And they are light weight and compact too. It makes good money-saving sense to tell your supplier to fit VIPRs, instead of standard cylinder valves, owing to their proven performance and the little maintenance they need over their long service lifespan.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | It makes good money-saving sense to fit VIPRs, instead of standard cylinder valves
Cavagna Group