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Our local websites are online

Feb 9, 2018

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Our local websites are online

Online dialogue plays an increasingly important role in terms of both corporate reputation and business development. This makes company websites a real driving force of web marketing.
Experience shows that the websites of leading industrial groups multiply their effectiveness if the group’s main corporate site—which must present its overall identity—is also developed into smaller websites dedicated to specific geographical areas of strategic and/or commercial importance. In keeping with these principles, the Cavagna Group is updating its online presence and activity, which could be described as being both “glocal” and “local”. Two significant examples can be found in the recent update of the US and Turkish sites. The US site has been designed in partnership with Cavagna North America, and its graphics and interactivity offer a preview of the Cavagna Group’s soon-to-be redesigned global website. You can get to website here: www.cavagnana.com
In terms of content, it is a targeted website with a specific focus on the business lines preferred in the North American market.
One noteworthy change is that the website now features a B2B section dedicated to dealers and distributors, where business partners can place orders online. To that end, the “Showcase” section features products that are divided into broad categories, and each page can be downloaded as a PDF file.
As far as Turkey is concerned, we have designed the site to be the Turkish version of the Group’s current global website. Here the link to the website: www.cavagnagroupturkey.com. The goal is for the Turkish site to become a reference point that can support the work of our Cavagna Group Turkey and Near East subsidiary. This new site will also be constantly upgraded in terms of structure and content so as to keep up with the Cavagna Group’s local and global web development strategies.

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