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The Cavagna Group continues to expand in Africa with the opening of a Company in the Ivory Coast.

Sep 1, 2023

Brescia, 1st September 2023 – The Cavagna Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment and components for the control of all types of gas, is continuing its international expansion — this time in Africa, with the establishment of a company in Ivory Coast, called Cavagna Group West Africa. The company, located in the Ivory Coast’s economic capital Abidjan, will serve an expansive, populous region of Africa that includes nations such as Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Niger and Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritania. This French-speaking area with hundreds of millions of inhabitants is characterized by significant economic and civil development, including — and above all — in terms of the use of primary energy sources for both domestic purposes and widespread economic activities (artisans, small businesses and service providers), with growing use of LPG in particular.
This decision is in line with the Cavagna Group’s aim of offering customers a service, that can concretely meet the expectations of local markets.

The Abidjan office and warehouse facilities began operations in August 2023 under the leadership of Managing Director, Basile Katche, who comes from years of expertise in the Marine Oil & Gas business. In addition to LPG equipment, Cavagna Group West Africa will be responsible for representing and promoting all of the Group’s other lines of business, including technologies for industrial gases, medical gases, and the control and metering of natural gas, as well as, LPG and Natural Gas engineering services.

Rino Cavagna, Executive Vice President of Sales at the Cavagna Group, had this to say:“Africa is very important for our Group, and it is fundamental for us to have a direct local presence in strategic geopolitical and economic areas. This new company, which joins our other company in the southern part of Africa, highlights how our strategy is based on an awareness that Africa is certain to see significant growth in the gas market over the next 20 years. This development will be driven by population growth, urbanization, and the emergence of a middle class with greater economic resources. At the same time, Africa is developing in the global energy landscape, including in terms of environmental stability and protection of natural heritage. In this area, too, we want to do our part, with the awareness and commitment that distinguishes us at an international level”.

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Basile Katche

Miriam Cavagna – Cavagna Group Head of Marketing and Communication
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Founded and run as a family run business, the Cavagna Group has been in operation since 1949, carrying the mechanical excellence of the ‘Made in Italy’ essence and authenticity around all continents of the Globe. Cavagna Group is a key industrial partner and enabler for the regulation, control, Industrial Process Management and metering being safely used in all types of gases, in every step of different supply chains, with a continued ‘big picture’ view of the Future of Energy. Embedded with the social conscience and responsibility to provide products of the utmost dependable quality whether it be for Energy gases, Renewable, Alternative Fuels, Hydrogen, Compressed or Medical gases. Using the Group’s 70 plus years of experience to drive meaningful innovations in the fields of IoT and digitisation towards a sustainable Energy Transition. Keeping consistency in the presence everywhere gas fuels life, together with a progressive vision on the future Energy Outlook, while staying devoted to our mission: wherever gas is used, we are there. 

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