The introduction of smart meters, and, in particular, of ultrasonic smart meters, will bring many advantages both to the end users and to the gas providers. Let us focus on some characteristics of this type of smart meters and see what the related benefits are.

Ultrasonic Smart Meters have no mechanical parts
The fact that there is no mechanical part in ultrasonic smart meters means, first of all, that there is no danger of mechanical faults. Therefore, the lifetime of these meters is longer than that of traditional ones. Furthermore, the mechanical parts of traditional meters are subject to wear and tear and this may affect the quality of their measurement. Having no mechanical parts, ultrasonic meters will not suffer of performance degradation: the quality of their measurement will not be altered over time.

Another advantage brought by the lack of mechanical parts is silent working. Ultrasonic smart meter are definitely quieter than conventional mechanical ones.

The most visible advantage connected to the feature we are analyzing is the fact that ultrasonic smart meter have reduced dimensions and weight. This leads to lower storage and transportation cost.

Ultrasonic Smart Meters feature self-diagnostic functions
Smart Meters’ self-diagnostic functions let the gas company know when something is wrong in their device (for instance, it can signal a low battery status, an ultrasonic sensor error or a valve leakage). This feature allows the gas company to intervene immediately in case of default and avoid further negative consequences.

Ultrasonic Smart Meters provide precise and real-time measurement
The fact that ultrasonic smart meters deliver up-to-date and real-time data brings advantages both to the gas providers and to the end users. Gas providers can use the data relating to hourly gas consumption to create a “consumer profile” in order to provide their customers with personalized services and deals. On the other hand, the customers can regulate their own gas consumption and save money, enhancing energy efficiency.