The Cavagna Group is guaranteeing the maximum possible output in the supply of medical valves, essential for the Covid-19 emergency, while ensuring the safety of its employees

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency, Cavagna Group decided to enhance its production to ensure that the maximum possible output of medical gas valves, used for oxygen cylinder delivery systems, was readily available.

Cavagna Group is therefore continuing the production of such essential supplies while carrying out, with the utmost attention, the safety provisions indicated in the Protocol signed between the Italian Government and the social partners on March 14, 2020, in order to protect the health and safety of its employees and collaborators.

The Cavagna Group relies on the support of “Confindustria Dispositivi Medici” (the medical devices branch of the Italian National Industry Association) that is in constant dialogue with the Italian Ministry of Health and with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (the leading technical-scientific body of the Italian National Health Service).

Why are medical gas valves considered essential goods?

The medical gas valves produced by the Cavagna Group are an essential part of the kit for the supply of oxygen, since they are housed on the cylinders. These valves are necessary to open and close the oxygen flow that, controlled by a shut-off valve, passes through the pressure reducer, to finally be delivered. Supplied alongside the valves are protective caps and a bed/stretcher fixing hook, which allows for easier and safer use by healthcare professionals and patients.

The demand for medical equipment has greatly increased due to the outbreak. Companies at the forefront of the supply of oxygen to hospital facilities, as well as pharmacies serving numerous patients at home, are finding that thousands of cylinders are being used and emptied daily. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valves and integrated kits for medical gases, Cavagna Group has been able to count on its know-how and supply chain capacity to focus production towards the oxygen cylinder sector.

The Cavagna Group has long served the main Italian and international companies that deal with medical gas systems and cylinders. Throughout the current emergency, these partnerships have led to a strength in collaboration and operational strategies, with the joint purpose of responding and supplying promptly to the healthcare industry request.

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The operation of the Cavagna Group in the field of medical gas technologies is considered amongst the ‘strategic’ productions to support the country’s effort in providing maximum help to national healthcare structures.

Furthermore, Cavagna Group adheres to Innova for Italy, a joint initiative of the Italian Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of University and Research, together with “Invitaliaand in support of the structure of the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency, Domenico Arcuri.

Innova for Italy” invites Italian companies, universities, public and private bodies and research centres, associations, etc., to indicate their own technologies and solutions that can provide a contribution in the field of prevention, diagnostics and monitoring devices for the containment and prevention of the spread of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) throughout the national territory.

Cavagna Group takes part in the “Innova for Italy” initiative with its valves with digital pressure gauges and equipped with IoT LoraWAN system for data transmission, which allows the monitoring of oxygen cylinders.

These valves are equipped with a communication module that allows you to track the location of the oxygen cylinder via GPS (outdoor), and importantly, is able to “remotely” indicate the time and gas content remaining before the cylinder is empty. Thanks to a cloud platform, that collects data, this information can be easily collated and managed for healthcare professionals and gas companies.

With the ability to remotely control the amount of oxygen remaining in the cylinder, the advantages of this smart technology are apparent:

  • the direct contacts with patients are minimized for the healthcare professionals;
  • the possibility of calculating the need for cylinders in advance, improving the logistics, especially now that their shortage can be a serious problem.

IoT operations dedicated to oxygen cylinders are possible in the area of Brescia thanks to the collaboration with A2A Smart City which supports communications of the smart oxygen valves through its LoRaWAN network. The Poliambulanza hospital in Brescia has already showed its interest in using the system.

Moreover, Cavagna Group has been involved in an original project, promoted by Isinnova in collaboration with an engineering firm, to adapt snorkeling masks as emergency respirators. Cavagna Group and many other companies have used their 3D printers to make a batch of 500 specific valves requested by Brescia hospitals.

In conclusion, the governing bodies and the Cavagna family wish to thank their employees, collaborators and suppliers, who with their great will and extraordinary sense of duty are working cohesively to overcome the most difficult social and economic moment from the post-war period to today. Contribution to our society at this time is recognised at all levels and the Group is proud to play its part being a supplier of essential goods.