LPG Tank
Kosan+ - LPG tank regulator

KOSAN+ Guardian

The KOSAN+ Guardian regulator incorporates a dielectric insulation.
This regulator is all in one solution and there is no need to buy separate dielectric unions.
This allows to save money and time installation and there are less potential leak spots.

Twin stage tank regulator

Twin Stage Regulators Europe

The regulator combines a first stage regulator with a second stage regulator.
The second stage regulator is equipped with a relief valve and a OPSO device.

Twin Stage Adjustable Regulator

Twin Stage Adjustable Regulator

The regulator consists of two regulation levels, which regulates the inlet pressure, coming from the withdrawal cylinder or tank directly to the inlet pressure of the user appliance.

First Stage Variable Regulator

First Stage Variable Regulator

The regulators are designed for industrial installations, with two-stage regulation. These regulators must be mounted as a first stage, upstram a second stage regulators.

first stage fixed regulators Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

First Stage Fixed Regulator

These regulators are designed for domestic installations with two-stage regulation.
They can be equipped with high capacity vent-hole, with gauge which display the inlet and/or the outlet, and with relief valve.

second stage adj reg Cavagna Group - LPG valves Equipment

Second Stage Adjustable Regulator

These regulators are used when the system requires a constant supply pressure.
The regulators are equipped with high capacity vent-hole and with gauge which display the inlet and/or outlet pressure.

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