LPG Tank

Type 81HP

Type 81HP regulators are made for industrial installations. Outlet high pressure is variable, all adjustement must only be performed by qualified personnel. These regulators are used in installations with two-stage regulation and must be mounted as a first stage, upstream a second stage regulator.

Type 94HP

Type 94HP regulator is designed for industrial installations. Outlet high pressure is available fixed, adjustable or variable. Can be equipped with gauges which display the inlet and/or the outlet pressure.
High pressure regulators usually reduce tank pressure to an intermediate pressure for use by another regulator.

Type 98HP

Type 98HP are regulators reducing the inlet pressure to a medium level suitable to feed a second stage regulator consequently.
Outlet pressure is available fixed or adjustable (all adjustment must only be performed by qualified personnel).

Type 90

High pressure regulator available with outlet pressure fixed or variable. It can be equipped with gauge. Ideal for domestic application with thread inlet on gas storage.

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