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Type 782

Double stage regulator that combines a first stage regulator with a second stage regulator. The second stage regulator can be equipped with a PRV (pressure relief valve) and a OPSO/UPSO or only OPSO valves. Outlet pressure can be fixed, adjustable or variable.

Double stage Regulator

Type 98TW/99TW

The double stage regulator or so called twin stage is a regulator consisting of two regulation levels, which regulates the inlet pressure, coming from the withdrawal cylinder or tank directly to the inlet pressure of the user appliance. They are to be used outdoors in correct mounting position with vent-hole turned downwards. In the standard version, 988 TW Type regulators are delivered with vent-hole turned in line with to the outlet fitting.

Double stage Regulator

Type 738C

The double stage automatic changeover regulator type 738C is a combination consisting of an automatic changeover working as a 1st stage coupled to a 2nd stage regulator. The 1st stage automatic changeover has a regulator with two inlet connection with an indicator for empty/full cylinder and permise an easy change of cylinder, which is connected to the 2nd stage regulator: Type 73 (in this case).

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