LPG Tank

Type 46LP

Low pressure regulator for industrial installations. Available with outlet pressure adjustable or variable and can be equipped with outlet pressure gauge.
Available with inlet and outlet connection inline. Iron flange version available.

Type 98LP / Type 99LP

The second stage regulator is a regulator reducing the pressure coming from a first stage regulator directly to the inlet pressure of the user appliance or to a medium pressure value in case of installations with Line Pressure Regulators.
Inlet/outlet configurations available: standard, back mount, angle body and inline (inlet and outlet flange).
Type 98LP and Type 99LP have the outlet pressure setting to 11 w.c.
Available with 2PSI outlet pressure setting (Type 98TP and 99TP).

Type 73

Second stage regulator with fixed, adjustable or variable outlet pressure. This regulator can be used only on systems with a first stage of adjustment. Can be equipped with a gauge.

Type 781

Type 781 is a low pressure second stage regulator. It can be with fixed, adjustable or variable outlet pressure. Available with OPSO or OPSO/UPSO.

KOSAN+ Guardian

The KOSAN+ Guardian regulator incorporates a dielectric insulation.
This regulator is all in one solution and there is no need to buy separate dielectric unions.
This allows to save money and time installation and there are less potential leak spots.

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