multi cylinder - Manifolds - LPG regulator - propane regulator


Service/reserve installations.
Available for two cylinders or more (up to four)
Customizable colors, safety devices on demand.

multi cylinder - automatic changeover - type 924N - LPG regulator - propane regulator

Automatic changeover

Regulator with automatic switch from empty service cylinder to full reserve cylinder, ensuring continuous gas flow to appliances.
Highly visible full/empty indicator signals refill.
Customizable colors, safety devices on demand.

LPG Cylinder
ClickClick - multi cylinder - automatic changeover - LPG regulator - propane regulator

IoT Interconnected Device for multi cylinder installations

Click-Click device is a new solution that allows the users and the LPG distributors to have full monitoring of the gas level of all multi cylinder installations.
– Get notifications by email about which cylinder is in use and which one needs to be replaced, improving services to the final customer.
– History of all communications and notifications is available to create a customer profiling.
– Place devices on one’s map, so it’s possible to know where to go to replace it.
– Monitoring battery status

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