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Quick On Regulators

The compact and ergonomic shape makes this regulator perfectly handy and very easy to use.
Gas opening and closing is done by ½ turn of the regulator handle. The quick-on+ regulator can be disconnected from the valve only when the handle is in the closed position. Disconnection from the cylinder valve tank and rubber hose is requested whenever not in use for a long period of time.

single stage low pressure marine range Cavagna Group - LPG regulators Equipment

Single Stage Low Pressure Marine Range

This range of gas regulators suitable for supplying gas to boats is designed to reduce the pressure of any type of liquefied petroleum gases, such as LPG, butane and propane.
The nominal outlet pressure is set at 30 mbar for any European country.
All components exposed to weather conditions are made of stainless steel.

automatic changeover range Cavagna Group - LPG regulators Equipment

Automatic Changeover Range

The indicator displays the two different ways of functioning Service/Reserve by changing colour. Reading the indicator colour is fundamental for the user because he is able to know when to proceed to replace the empty gas tank with the reserve gas tank. The indicator is designed to guarantee the best reading as possible.

two stage range Cavagna Group - LPG regulators Equipment -

Two Stage Range Recreational Vehicles

Depending on the installation type, the basic model can be equipped either with a mounting bracket for “wall installation” or with a mounting bracket for “cover installation”. The plastic protection is necessary in first and second stage of the regulator for all types of installations. In double cylinder installations it is necessary to couple the “T” inlet of the backflow check device.

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