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LPG Week 2023: the world LPG event in Rome

Nov 17, 2023

Rome provided the backdrop for the most important week of the year in the LPG world, from 13 to 17 November: LPG Week 2023.

The 35th World LPG Forum and European Liquid Gas Congress were jointly organized by the two main trade associations, the worldwide WLPG and the European Liquid Gas Europe.

Their main goal – summed up by the slogan “Just Energy” – was to take stock of the strategies deployed by the liquid gas industry to cope with energy transition.

The European Union is playing a leading role in this transition, with its ambitious climate neutrality goals introduced by the Green Deal, as was mentioned several times during the event.

Also, as pointed out in the many speeches over the week, LPG is more essential than ever in order to face this energy challenge due to its great potential, including high efficiency: it has a high heating value and is five times more efficient than traditional fuels.

LPG is also very important in the search for solutions that can be applied on a large scale since it is versatile, can be used in a variety of different industries and is easily transportable, making it accessible in any part of the world without the need for complex infrastructure. This specific aspect plays a key role in rural or developing areas – as was repeatedly mentioned – where use of this fuel has meant, and still means, a significant improvement in terms of quality of life, safety, and a decrease in pollution.

Besides the intrinsic advantages of LPG, which were once again loudly reiterated, ample space was also devoted to innovations, particularly to the new renewable fuels such as Bio-LPG. It is chemically identical to conventional LPG but made from sustainable raw materials like plant and animal waste, vegetable oils and biogas. In addition to not being made from fossil fuels, it also has the great advantage that it can be deployed using the existing infrastructure and systems currently utilized for traditional LPG.

The Cavagna Group has been pushing in the direction of new energy sources for some time now, with major investments and new schemes. It has made its know-how available and set up admirable joint projects involving various gases such as hydrogen, biomethane, rDME and Bio-LPG.

Moreover, the Group aims to provide the best product for every context. This has led to a wide range for the entire supply chain and any kind of gas, which varies according to the characteristics of the country, current regulations, and the requirements of our various partners.

Numerous insights emerged during the event which provided important opportunities for discussion and reflection.

We came home from this LPG week satisfied with the work we have done and even more aware of the important role we are called upon to play.

We are confident that, by joining forces, everyone can make their own contribution to coping with energy transition, or energy evolution.

Cavagna Group