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The Cavagna Group LPG Valves and Equipment Division, today announces a 10% price increase

Dec 23, 2016

Dear Customer and Partners,
In the last months we have been facing an overall manufacturing cost increase due to:

1. Raw material (Brass) price increase (London Metal Exchange data & source).
2. EUR/USD exchange rate which affected the above price (London Metal Exchange data & source).

During all 2016 the Cavagna Group LPG Valves and equipment division, managed and absorbed in most cases the above two factors in order to avoid passing onto you such price increase.
The Cavagna Group LPG valves division, today announces a 10% price increase. Prices will be effective on all new orders, with shipping date on and after Feb. 1st, 2017, or as contracts allow.
Should you require any additional clarification and details please don’t hesitate to contact our area sales manager.

Best Regards.

Federico Bruschi
Director of Sales, LPG Valves and Equipment Division

Cavagna Group