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LPG: “energy for life” in Bangladesh

Mar 4, 2019

LPG could be really considered “energy for life” in countries such as Bangladesh, where the population suffers from poor standards when it comes to the two basic services of water and electricity. Around 1,500,000 water pumps are currently in operation in Bangladesh for water transfer, irrigation and emergency use. Nevertheless, this leads to obvious environmental problems: whereas many areas lack access to electricity, the 85% of these pumps run on diesel or gasoline.

Bangladesh country profile

An independent nation since 1971, Bangladesh is the ethno-linguistic region of the Bengali people, from whom it took its name. Its surface area is approximately 147,570 square kilometers and it is amongst the most densely populated countries in the world. Geographically, the country lies on the fertile plain of the Ganges Delta and is subject to annual flooding due to monsoon and cyclones.

The economy is predominantly agricultural, although some economic progress is emerging in certain segments of the population. Bangladeshi peasant families have managed to adopt more modern standards of living, thanks in part to the introduction of agricultural machinery.

Water management is still a key problem. Indeed, due to shape of the country and the type of crops grown there, the irrigation of fields must be tightly controlled. The fields themselves have to deal with two critical issues: namely, they just as often do not receive enough water as they are flooded by monsoon storms. Therefore, there are several areas that are not served by the electricity grid.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | LPG: “energy for life” in Bangladesh

Cavagna Group commitment

In light of this, it seems clear that it’s essential to provide the population with efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, in order to better manage water and have electricity when it’s needed.

For several years, Cavagna Group Asia is committed to the distribution of Greengear’s LPG products in Bangladesh. Its purpose is to propose the use of LPG as an alternative fuel. In fact, Greengear’s water pumps and power generators offer a number of crucial advantages:

  • the use of LPG means a significant reduction in fuel costs, lower emissions and thus less air pollution;
  • LPG powered-engines are more reliable, longer-lasting and require less maintenance.

In short, LPG represents a great advantage not only for the environment, but especially for those families who live in areas where pumps and power generators are being used for hours and hours.
This makes the meeting between Manuel Sguazzi, Managing Director of Cavagna Group Asia and Nasrul Hamid, Bangladesh’s Minister of Energy, during the LPG Summit held in Bangladesh two years ago all the more significant. The Minister stated his personal interest in understanding the benefits that Greengear can have on Bangladesh’s agriculture and society as a whole.

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