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WLPGA – LPG Charter of benefits

Jan 26, 2018

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | WLPGA – LPG Charter of benefits

The six major global benefits of using LPG have been described in the “LPG Charter of Benefits”, published by the largest association in the industry, the World LPG Association. Each benefit is supported by a series of proof points which highlight the specific characteristics of LPG that make this type of gas so important in domestic, industrial and transport applications.
Members of the Association were warmly invited to promote these benefits. Indeed, the document is just the first phase of the 2017 Communication Plan (Phase I), which is part of the WLPGA’s three-year strategic plan.
The goal of the WLPGA is to promote greater and greater use of LPG worldwide—from this point of view, communication is crucial. As a WLPGA member, the Cavagna Group has been asked to promote the content of the “Charter of Benefits” both in-house and with its customers.


    LPG is a clean fuel which can be safely used in all kinds of cooking.
    Unlike other fuels, it does not produce harmful smoke, and it can help reduce air pollution in the here and now.
    The use of LPG produces less CO2 emissions than coal, oil and gasoline. It does not emit black carbon or other particulates, which are extremely harmful to the environment.
    LPG is a driver of economic growth, especially in rural areas and developing countries.
    Most of the LPG on the market is a co-product of natural gas and oil extraction and thus obtained through efficient procedures. LPG also plays an important role in reducing deforestation and desertification.
    One billion people and businesses around the world count on LPG because it provides instant, reliable, constant energy that is easily transportable as well.
    LPG is a key component of achieving sustainable energy.
    LPG is in the future of both cities
    and rural areas, especially in developing countries.
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