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Investing in BioLPG: the reasons behind this choice

Apr 13, 2023

LPG is one of the key fuels for the ecological transition. In fact, at present, LPG produces very low levels of CO2 in the air and almost zero PM10. As we explain in another article, with an organic component, LPG can be transformed into a totally green fuel. With a new composition, BioLPG – this is its name – meets all the objectives of decarbonisation and environmental impact reduction targets that Europe and Italy have set themselves.
Investing in green LPG means first and foremost being part of the future of energy, combining the decarbonisation objectives with respect for the environment.

A project in line with EU Directives

Convinced that liquefied gas molecules play a key role in the energy transition, Cavagna Group is developing a growing presence in this field. The newly founded Green LG Energy Srl demonstrates our commitment to supporting the production of LPG from renewable sources.

It is no coincidence that some of the major Italian players in the energy industry have decided to invest in BioLPG. Production based on organic waste allows developing an energy chain that is fully compliant with the principles of circular economy.

Together with the other Italian companies that are part of this joint venturewe open up new decarbonisation options, responding to the demands of increasing pragmatism and the search for innovative solutions, in line with the EU taxonomy issue.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Investing in BioLPG: the reasons behind this choice

The EU taxonomy

The EU taxonomy is a classification system that establishes a list of eco-sustainable economic activities. It aims to guide the private investments needed to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, as set out in the European Green Deal. The Commission’s delegated act also includes specific energy activities from the gas and nuclear sectors.


BioLPG: a strategic decision for the Cavagna Group

Indeed, for decades, our Group has been a partner at the forefront of gas molecule management, constantly trying to meet the changing needs of customers and markets. To do this, over the years, we have brought the Cavagna Group’s extensive experience and manufacturing capabilities in gas regulation and control technologies to the areas of greatest sustainable development.
As our CEO, Davide Cavagna, said when commenting on the prospects of the new company, we can tackle the energy transition by joining forces. Our technologies are already able to complement and support this evolution, and our products are compatible with renewable gases.

Certainly, the R&D work cannot stop. Investing in new technologies and new scenarios offered by the use of renewables is crucial. Collaboration with research institutions and industrial and commercial players ensures an organic basis for the transition process. Green LG Energy also immediately opened its horizons, also by strengthening international relations, such as the one with GTI Energy. This leading US-based research and training organisation is working on the development of the Cool LPG technology. Its goal is to be able to produce a fully sustainable bioLPG that is perfectly compatible with existing infrastructures.

Cavagna Group S.p.A. | Investing in BioLPG: the reasons behind this choice
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