I-VIPR is a valve with an Integrated Pressure Regulator suitable for industrial gases: Oxygen, Acetylene, Ar/C02 mix. It’s a device with supplementary functions built into a single unit. Its compact mono-body design includes a shut off valve, a pressure regulator with gauge, and a flow meter. It is ergonomically designed, with an attractive, compact, user friendly, casing. All of the user’s primary functions are visible and accessible from one side without turning the cylinder. Plastic protection guards compliant with ISO 11117 are available in different colors and can be customized on demand. This Vipr Valve meets all the requirements of ISO 22435 and EN-ISO 10297. It’s CE and π marked according to the European directives.

You might ask why would I choose I-VIPR Valve for my work? Here is a long list of reasons why you should use I-VIPR for your welding:

It makes good money-saving sense:

  • Never buy, repair or calibrate a regulator again.
  • I-VIPR has a 10-year service life.
  • Maximum Service Pressure up to 300 bar/4350 PSI for longer use of the cylinder.
  • There is no more need to connect and disconnect a regulator.
  • Easy and quick to exchange the cylinder: No regulator connection and disconnection required. Take the empty cylinder and deliver the new one.

It is safer:

  • Reduced connection points: No leaks between the valves and regulator connection.
  • No thread damages on the valve due to over torque while connecting the regulator.
  • Guard which fully protects the system and its gauges and resistant to impact test up to 100 kg/220 lbs.
  • Reduced risk to the regulator.

It is user-friendly:

  • Easy to carry around thanks to the guard.
  • Quick on welding connection.
  • Reads the cylinder content pressure and outlet pressure.
  • No empty cylinders taken to work site.

I-VIPR is a CavagnaGroup® product.

For 70 years CavagnaGroup® has been developing innovative solutions and implementing state-of-the-art gas control technologies.

We design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of valves and regulators for different types of high-pressure gas applications worldwide.

Our mission has always been to ensure that all our products perform excellently, thanks to the support of continually evolving technology and through a policy of great care and responsibility.

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