The Cavagna Group has launched Viproxy® i-1Touch, a brand-new digital valve for medical oxygen therapy with smart IoT add-on

Brescia, 19 April 2021 – The Cavagna Group has introduced a new product in medical compressed oxygen therapy: the Viproxy® i-1Touch, a unique, smart medical VIPR that has data transmission capabilities.

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The Viproxy® i-1Touch valve comes complete with an integrated pressure regulator and digital pressure gauge. Its digital gauge clearly displays all parameters monitored during use and sends audible alerts. Specifically, it features:

  • a bar graph showing cylinder pressure in the cylinder;
  • the calculation of the remaining flow time based on gas level in the cylinder and selected flow;
  • a backlit display for easy viewing, even in the dark;
  • warnings (beep and bell icon) for high/low temperature or a kinked cannula;
  • warnings (beep and bell icon) for low remaining runtime, low pressure level or low battery;
  • warnings (beep and bell icon) when an external magnetic field or bad wire connection is detected.

The Viproxy® i-1Touch is supplied complete with a new, fully assembled, sturdy valve guard made of self-extinguishing material. This new design—which is paired with a user-friendly handle to allow for easy lifting—accommodates the new features and prevents accidental impact or damage.

The Viproxy® i-1Touch also has an optional add-on that is a real one-of-a-kind feature: an electronic IoT module that enables the device to communicate the collected data to the Cavagna Group’s cloud-based platform, making it a veritable ‘smart’ valve.

The IoT add-on is available immediately or can be installed at a later stage, meaning that companies can work at their own pace with regard to their digital transformation schedule and data collection requirements.

The Cavagna Group has been committed to improving and advancing medical gas valves and related operations since it launched its first integrated medical valve in 2009. In 2016, the Cavagna Group advanced its existing product by introducing a one-knob digital integrated oxygen therapy valve. Now, the Group has invested in the IoT technologies to update its offering for the digital age with the Viproxy® i-1Touch.

Viproxy® i-1Touch’s innovative digital technology seamlessly complements the human experience, resulting in a highly effective degree of synergy between medical equipment and medical personnel in healthcare settings.

The optional IoT add-on has built-in GPS, which allows the device position to be easily identified. The position is then transmitted to the Cavagna Group’s secure cloud platform for viewing. This new feature will usher in a smarter, leaner approach to cylinder fleet management.

“This is smart – and in more ways than one,” added Davide Cavagna, CEO of Cavagna Group. “This clever add-on has the potential to significantly improve our collection and understanding of data from devices. At Cavagna, we have seen the impact of IoT, and the trend for its future development in our industry is to make increasingly meaningful contributions to users”.

The Cavagna Group also has its own IoT platform called OTUS, which permits easy monitoring of data from all connected devices. OTUS acts as a collection hub for all data the Viproxy® i-1Touch acquires and transmits through its IoT electronic board, in encrypted form, thanks to the LoRaWAN communication protocols.

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