Switching to LPG reduces the carbon footprint and cleans the air, but it means more than that. For example, especially in developing countries, the advantages for the environment add up to a ‘social progress’ as well. As declared by the World LPG Association in 2018, those who can take advantage of burning LPG instead of traditional fuels are predominantly women and girls. Women are historically doing the majority of the cooking, and especially in some countries where people still can’t choose to cook with clean fuels, they suffer a lot from these conditions. In order to collect firewood, they have to walk long distances and put their own safety at risk, not to mention the amount of hours spent every day, that would otherwise be invested in a more productive way. Women’s empowerment is one of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and the LPG industry can certainly lend a hand in achieving it!

In conclusion, all around the World but particularly in developing countries, this exceptional energy is crucial in phasing out the use of solid fuels. With LPG, we offer one of the few affordable and low carbon solutions, immediately available to keep homes and local businesses running and lead the economic growth of developing countries.