Paolo Cavagna founded the Cavagna Group.
The company reached a predominant place among the world’s manufacturers of LPG valves and regulators.
The Group founded O.ME.CA.
The Group founded RECA.
The Cavagna Group signed a partnership agreement with CONGRIF, a Venezuelan gas valve and pressure regulator manufacturer. This is how the Cavagna Group’s global expansion plan began.
The Group created CORI ENGINEERING.
The Group founded CAVIMATIC.
In 1991, IN.CA Srl of Calvagese became Enne.Pi Srl, dedicated to the large-scale mass production of LPG valves.
The Group took over PERGOLA.
The Cavagna Group took over its historical British competitor Calor gas Engineering Ltd.
The Cavagna Group took over the company branch of OMB LPG cylinder valve and OARA.
The Cavagna Group took over Kosan Teknova in Denmark, the original inventor of the compact Kosan and Kosanova LPG cylinder valve and regulator.
The Group strengthened its international presence in Asia through a joint venture in Bangkok with the Thai company SVMetals Ltd.
The Group extended its activities in the Far East by setting up its own manufacturing plant for LPG and natural gas regulators in Zhongshan China.
The Cavagna Group signed a partnership agreement with Mesura SA, a French company devoted to natural gas regulators and metering stations.
The Group took over CEMCO in Chile, a former competitor in the field of LPG valves and pressure regulators.
Thailand : The Group completely took over the Thai SVMetals joint venture, now renamed Cavagna Group Asia Ltd.
The Group strengthened its presence in the natural gas market by completely taking over MESURA SA and the Mesura joint venture in Tunisia.
The Cavagna Group bought a stake in Bigas International Autogas Systems.
The Group strengthened its international presence in Asia through a joint venture in Mumbai, India. Mesura Nirmal Gas Control is specialized in the manufacture of Natural Gas regulators for residential, commercial and Industrial use.
Established in 2014 and headquartered in Breaston, Derbyshire (UK), Greengear Global Ltd. is a company in the Cavagna Group that specifically deals with the manufacturing, marketing and promotion of Greengear-branded products and ENERKIT technologies.
Cavagna Group finalized the acquisition of 100% of Bigas’ shares, having already held 45%, which is specialized in the production of fuel system technologies for LPG and CNG engines.
In November 2015 The Cavagna Group has finalized the purchase of the Gas Equipment Factory’s assets from Afrox, the South African subsidiary of The Linde Group. With this acquisition, the Cavagna Group has acquired a range of products to complete its own line of industrial regulators; at the same time, it can now also include high-tech pressure reducing valves for medical gases.
In November 2016 The Cavagna Group has finalized the acquisition of a business line of LPG valves and regulators by purchasing DVR’s assets, a Turkish privately owned company based in Istanbul (Turkey), part of the ALTEK GROUP. Through the acquisition, Cavagna Group enlarged the LPG business platform to further expand its global business and strengthen the operation services.
In December 2016 The Group completed the takeover of the assets of the Italian STF Gas, based in Vernate (Milan). STF Gas engineers and manufactures since 1979 medium and high pressure Natural Gas regulators and Natural Gas regulating skids. This takeover marks another step along the Group’s path towards widening its range of products and services in the natural gas industry.
In July 2018 the Group completed the takeover of the assets of the Italian Qgas, a company operating in the production of diaphragm meters and systems for measuring and monitoring natural gas and LPG. This takeover marks another step along the Group’s path towards a full range of integrated solutions for the gas industry.
December 2018 marks a further growth with Mesura Metering srl. The Cavagna Group now expanded its product range, so that it now includes gas meters alongside its regulators.
In June 2021, Cavagna Group and its partner Nirmal joined their efforts to acquire Repco Group, a company based in Milano, dedicated to Process Design House whose services cover the design, supply and start-up site support of packaged Oil & gas related systems.
In 2022, Cavagna Group opens the subsidiary Cavagna Group South Africa, located in Johannesburg.