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Cavagna Group joined the “Global Compact”

Cavagna Group joined the “Global Compact”, a United Nations initiative for which the company has committed itself to including in its strategic vision, organizational culture, and daily activities, the Ten Principles relating to human rights, labor, environmental protection, and anti-corruption promoted by the initiative and, more generally, to supporting the broader development goals set by the United Nations.

Global Compact Circle

The Ten Principles are:

  • Supporting and respecting the internationally proclaimed human rights and their sphere of influence;
  • Making sure not to be complicit in human rights abuses;
  • Upholding the freedom of association and the recognition of the right to collective bargaining;
  • Upholding the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor;
  • Supporting the effective abolition of child labor;
  • Promoting the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and practice of a profession;
  • Supporting a precautionary approach to environmental challenges;
  • Undertaking initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility;
  • Encouraging the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies;
  • Working against corruption in all its forms.

Cavagna Group has decided to support the UN Global Compact as an integral part of its corporate code of ethics and as a differentiator for its customers totally in favor of the group’s development. Even if the official adherence has been made only by Cavagna Group S.p.A., all the companies of the group practically adhere to the same principles promoted by the Global Compact.

Read more and see the Cavagna Group Participant page on the Official UN Global Compact Website.

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