The Limited Warranty provided herein is given by only one of Cavagna Group S.p.A., Cavagna North America, Inc., Cemco Kosangas S.A., Cavagna Group UK, Bigas International Autogas Systems s.r.l. or Greengear Global s.r.l., the entity that actually designed, manufactured and sold the Product (as defined herein) to which this Limited Warranty applies. The other entities are listed herein for convenience only, and are not sharing in any warranty obligations of the entity providing this Limited Warranty. The entity providing this Limited Warranty is referred to herein as “The Warrantor”.


Each new product purchased directly from The Warrantor (referred to herein as “The Product”) will be free from defects in original material and workmanship for a period of:

  1. Twenty four (24) months for high pressure and compressed natural gas products,
  2. Sixty (60) months for LPG brass valves and accessories,
  3. Twelve (12) months for Greengear appliances or
  4. One hundred and twenty (120) months for Kosan plus domestic regulators.
  5. All other regulators sixty (60) months

from the date of sale of The Product, as shown on the invoice for that particular Product, to the entity to which Warrantor first sold The Product (hereinafter referred to as “The Purchaser”). The Purchaser informs any third party purchasers of The Product of the specifications and the necessary warnings and instructions for the correct use of The Product and/or any different or larger item or system in which The Product is installed. The sole and exclusive remedy of The Purchaser under this Limited Warranty for alleged defects in a Product shall be the repair or replacement, in Warrantor’s sole discretion, of the defective Product, or a part or component of The Product.


This Limited Warranty does not apply to, and Warrantor shall have no liability or responsibility in respect of, damages or expenses relating to defects caused by or arising out of:

  • the failure to properly store, use, install or maintain The Product as, for example, as specified in the warranty booklet, service booklet, drawings, manuals or other literature supplied by Warrantor, including but not limited to Warrantor’s website or advertising brochures or in accordance with any applicable laws, regulators or standards;
  • the failure of The Purchaser to inform any third party purchasers of The Product of the specifications and the necessary warnings and instructions for the correct use of The Product and/or any different or larger item or system in which The Product is installed.
  • improper installation of The Product as a component in a different or larger item or system;
  • improper specification or application of The Product as a component in a different or larger item or system;
  • Any Product purchased from any entity other than Warrantor ;
  • alteration, change, or modification of The Product, including its subcomponents, parts or assemblies;
  • the cost to locate, remove, disassemble, reinstall or dispose of components of a different or larger item or system that require removal to access The Product;
  • accidents, misuse, abuse, abnormal use, improper use, negligent use, wilful misconduct, lack of reasonable or proper maintenance, repairs improperly performed or replacement parts or accessories not conforming to Warrantor’s specifications, use exceeding the recommended and permitted limits of The Product, and/or normal wear or deterioration occasioned by the use of The Product;
  • cosmetic issues, such as scratches, dents, fading of colors or discoloration;
  • any representation or implication relating to estimated performance characteristics of The Product, including but not limited to representations made in Warrantor’s product literature, on Warrantor’s website, marketing materials, advertisements and technical specifications;
  • any defect or non-conformity that has not been timely and promptly communicated in writing to Warrantor as provided herein, and in all cases, no more than thirty (30) days from the discovery thereof;
  • any damage, cost or expense caused by Act of God; or
  • loss of time, loss of use, loss of revenue, lost profits, loss of opportunity, inconvenience, costs related to procuring any substitute product, any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the non-use of the Product, or compensation for inconvenience or loss of use of a different or larger item or system while the Product is being repaired or otherwise not available, or other matters not specifically covered hereunder.


To obtain warranty service for The Product, under this Limited Warranty, The Purchaser’s specific and detailed claim must be reported to WARRANTOR within thirty (30) days from the date The Purchaser had notice of or should have had knowledge of notice of the alleged defect to The Purchaser and within the applicable warranty period.

For all Warranty claims accepted by The Warrantor, the Warrantor shall, within a reasonable time:

(a) Repair The Product or any subcomponent thereof;
(b) Supply ex works to The Purchaser a replacement product of the same type, kind and/or quality as The Product; or
(b) Refund to The Purchaser the actual purchase price of The Product for which The Warranty claim was made, such refund being provided in the form of a credit towards a future order placed by The Purchaser within The Warrantor.

Warrantor must approve, in advance and in writing, all repairs or replacements covered under or performed pursuant to this Limited Warranty. Any warranty repairs or service must be performed exclusively by Warrantor or other authorized representative of Warrantor or by another servicing facility pre-approved in writing by Warrantor. The Purchaser is responsible for all expenses associated with locating The Product(s) in the market, transporting the product(s) and/or defective part(s) to and from the service location. Acceptance of any Limited Warranty claim is not an admission that any Product or any of its component parts are defective. The Warrantor will not accept any Warranty claims directly from any third party to whom/which Purchaser may have sold The Product. The Purchaser forfeits any rights it may have under this Limited Warranty if The Purchaser does not return The Product to Warrantor, at the Purchaser’s expense, within five (5) days of The Warrantor’s request, or otherwise follow the procedure described herein. In the event that Purchaser submits a warranty claim that, in the sole reasonable discretion of The Warrantor, is unfounded, The Purchaser shall reimburse The Warrantor all reasonable costs incurred by The Warrantor in evaluating The Warranty claim (i.e. travel, lodging, expert evaluations, etc.).


Except as expressly provided by this Limited Warranty, Warrantor SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ASSOCIATED WITH THE USE OR NON-USE OF THE PRODUCT OR A CLAIM UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, WHETHER THE CLAIM IS BASED ON CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE. The foregoing statements of warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all other remedies or damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This Agreement shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to The Purchaser or any third party with respect to This Product. In the event of any alleged breach of any warranty or any legal action brought by The Purchaser or any third party, based on breach of warranty alleged negligence or other tortious conduct by Warrantor, The Purchaser’s or third party’s sole and exclusive remedy will be the repair or replacement of any defective Product as stated herein. In no event shall the liability of The Warrantor exceed the purchase price of The Product.


If Purchaser sells The Product, either individually or incorporated in a different or larger assembly to a third party, a warranty claim can only be filed with The Warrantor by The Purchaser. The Purchaser shall provide a separate and distinct warranty to any third party for the larger assembly.

Any and all claims or disputes of whatever nature arising out of or otherwise relating to this Limited Warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey only, and the parties expressly acknowledge and irrevocably agree that the sole and exclusive venue for and jurisdiction over any such claim or dispute shall be the courts of Brescia, Italy to the exclusion of the jurisdiction of the courts of any other place, without giving effect to choice of law principles and without giving effect to the United Nations Convention regarding contracts for the International Sale of Goods (which the parties expressly exclude).

OTHER RIGHTS. Your acceptance of delivery of The Product constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this Limited Warranty.
This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. If any term or provision of this Limited Warranty is invalid or unenforceable under any local, state, or federal law, statute, judicial decision, regulation, ordinance, executive order or other rule of law, such term shall be deemed reformed or deleted, but only to the extent necessary to comply with such statute, regulation, ordinance, order or rule and the remaining provisions of this Limited Warranty shall remain in full force and effect.

This document contains the entire Limited Warranty given by Warrantor in respect of The Product and there are no terms, promises, conditions or warranties regarding The Product other than those contained herein. Warrantor specifically does not authorize any person to extend the time, scope, terms or conditions of this Limited Warranty or to create or assume for Warrantor any other obligation or liability with respect to the Product or other products designed, manufactured or sold by Warrantor. All terms of this Limited Warranty are contractual and not mere recitals, and constitute material terms of this Limited Warranty.

SERVICE LIFE: The Service Life of The Product will vary depending on conditions of use, environment of use, application of The Product, and other factors outside of the control of The Warrantor. The Product must be replaced before the expiration of The Product’s Service Life. See the applicable owners’ manual or Warrantor’s website for additional details on Service Life.