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Ultrasonic Gas Meter | Smart Gas Meter for residential use

Prodigi, the Cavagna Group Ultrasonic Smart Meter (G1.6-G2.5-G4), uses an innovative technology based on a high-performance ultrasonic sensor. Having no mechanical parts, this gas meter will not suffer from performance degradation and it guarantees high levels of accuracy and reliability.

Another important feature of this gas metering solution is its IoT capabilities. This smart gas meter collects data regarding to gas used and sends information to an Asset Management Platform, using RF169 MHz, GPRS 2G, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT or LTE CAT-M Communication, allowing the remote monitoring of gas consumption.

Both the European and the American versions of this Smart Ultrasonic Gas Meter are LoRaWAN Certified products.

Moreover, Prodigi is MID certified both for Natural Gases and all mixtures of LPG.

Read the technical data sheet HERE.

LoRa - LoRaWAN

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