The Cavagna Group has long viewed China as one of the most attractive markets for the Group’s international growth. So much so that it has recently opened an import/export company near its production facility in Zhongshan, Guangdong province.

Zhongshan Cavagna

Zhongshan Cavagna in Guangdong

The Cavagna Group has taken another important step in its operational development in the Chinese market—and in Asia in general, given China’s overwhelming influence in that area of the world. Indeed, the opening of an import/export company only further expands on the strategic marketing plan that Cavagna has had in place for several years now. The Cavagna Group has a long history of doing business in China: it started with some simple export operations, but was then strengthened with the opening of a sales office in Shanghai. One of the most significant developments took place in 2005, when Cavagna opened a production facility in Zhongshan: the heart of China’s manufacturing province, Guangdong, and just a stone’s throw from Hong Kong and Guangzhou. That brings us to today, with the establishment of Zhongshan Cavagna Import and Export Co., Ltd. in the summer of 2018.

Cavagna’s current production facility manufactures domestic and industrial pressure regulators for propane, butane and LPG. Thanks to the new import/export company, our Group will now be able to expand to many more fields of application and thus cover other business areas, including: natural gas distribution networks, the widespread use of natural gas, industrial applications, cryogenic medical gases, automotive applications, and the most advanced gas transport technology.

The import/export company is managed by Huai Chen Huang, who has moved to China to be in charge of the local market after 10 years of service at Cavagna Group Italy as Area Manager of China and other Asian countries. Chen brings a lot to the table: not only has he had significant sales and technical experience from his time in Italy, but he also possesses the right cultural and linguistic knowledge to support the Group in China. He will be able to identify trends, needs and opportunities, simplify the complexities of the Chinese market, and find the right ways to make inroads.

In the words of Huai Chen Huang : “Over the last few years, Chinese consumers have been going through a growth process. They are now more conscious buyers who demand greater product quality and who increasingly want the best value for their money.”