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Ecopower Project: a partnership between Bigas and Iveco

Apr 4, 2019

Bigas has begun a partnership with IVECO to power forklifts on natural gas.

The Ecopower Project has been officially announced at Iveco’s plant in Suzzara (Mantua). Bigas, a Cavagna Group company, has played – and continues to play – a fundamental role in making this project a reality.

The project aims to convert the forklifts currently in use at Iveco’s plant to natural gas. For Iveco it means the company can save enormously on fuel consumption.

And beyond the “numbers” that could be thrown around, it really is the philosophy behind the project that makes it so significant – indeed, it is perfectly in line with a growing environmental awareness in the world of industry and integrated logistics.

And that’s exactly where Bigas comes in.

Over the last few months, Bigas has been working with the Germany company OM Still – and specifically with Karrell, its official Italian dealer – on the design of natural gas-powered forklifts that can allow Iveco to take full advantage of the natural gas filling stations it already has on site. And all at a very low cost.

Iveco has alway been conscious of the importance of a green economy. Indeed, the project launched at the Suzzara plant not only will allow the company to save on fuel costs, but it will also help reduce its emissions and carbon footprint considerably.

A successful Ecopower Project could mean that it expands to Iveco’s other Italian plants in the future. It has already positive feedback, which was only strengthened with the delivery of the latest converted forklifts. The partnership with Karrell and OM Still could lead to new business opportunities with companies interested in converting their fleet of forklifts to natural gas.

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