First, let’s take a quick look at how a diaphragm gas meter works. Inside there are two chambers that alternately fill with gas and then empty: this allows the front counter to measure gas consumption. In other words, every time the chambers fill up and then expel gas, an internal counter measures how much gas has been used and updates the numbers on the display.

Diaphragm Gas Meter Cavagna Group LPG Natural Gas - Diaphragm

Mesura Metering’s diaphragm meters offer a number of advantages over other meters currently on the market. For example, the combination of its compact size with some clever design features leads to reduced wear and tear and prevents contaminants from affecting internal metering components; it also limits warping at high temperatures. Another design feature—a reinforced plate on the upper part of the meter between the housing and the connections—prevents the risk of damaging the meter during installation. The meter can also be fitted with a temperature correction device to calculate the exact volume/density of the gas at low temperatures. Furthermore, Mesura Metering gas meters have been designed to include (if requested) a remote shut-off valve that can be used for prepayment plans and/or for when customers fail to pay their bills. All AG2.5 and AG4 gas meters meet EN 1359 and MID standards.