Scuba-Diving-1 Cavagna Group -compresed gases high pressure
Scuba-Diving-2 Cavagna Group -compresed gases high pressure
Scuba-Diving-3 Cavagna Group -compresed gases high pressure
Scuba-Diving-4 Cavagna Group -compresed gases high pressure
SCUBA Cylinder

Scuba Diving Valves

High quality chrome plated body with excellent resistance to salt spray test.
Safe and long life under all service conditions is guaranteed by the solid design and the quality of the materials of the internal components.
Large internal orifice ensure a high gas fl ow capacity
Ergonomic Handwheel conceived to be manipulated also with thick protective gloves
Permanent gas tight seal
OPEN and CLOSE stamped on the Handwheel
Dip tube installed in the valve inlet to ensure a better breathing
Also compatible with EAN, NITROX and TRIMIX
Single packaged and cleaned for oxygen service

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