High-Pressure-Valve-for-Medical-Gases Cavagna Group -compresed gases high pressure

High Pressure Valves for Medical Gases

– Clean room Assembly
– Easy Handwheel operation under high pressure
– Markings on the neck valve protects against damage
– O-Ring seal type valve
– Chrome plated body
– Hot forged brass body

Residual Pressure Valve - RPV - Oxygen-Therapy Cavagna Group -compresed gases - high pressure- Residual Pressure Valves

Residual Pressure Valves for Medical Oxygen

– Suitable for Oxygen and Oxygen mixtures
– Very low ∆P value between the closing and opening pressure of the residual device is very low and is not affected by the working pressure of 200 bar.
– Hot forged brass body
– Can be used with different adaptors with different nipples length

Pin Index Valves

Pin Index Valves for Medical Gases

– Ring technology provides superior leak integrity
– Easy operation under high pressure
– High quality nickel chrome plating protects against harmful chemicals
– Body made from extruded brass rod – Fits all CGA specified yokes
– Passes stringent oxygen adiabatic compression test
– Unique stem design meets CGA performance criteria, designed shear point allows stem to break above the spindle nut if over torqued or shocked due to careless handling
– Aluminum cylinder valve supplied with Teflon O-Ring for fast easy installation
– Clean room assembly

Mignon Valves for Medical Oxygen

– Suitable for  Oxygen
– Hot forged brass body
– Clean room Assembly
– Easy Handwheel operation under high pressure

LICI Valves for Medical Gases

– Suitable for Oxygen
– valves with integrated flow selector
– Clean room Assembly
– Easy Handwheel operation under high pressure

Plein Air Regulator for Medical Oxygen

– Oxygen Regulator with integrated flow selector
– Compact and light design suitable for all oxygen cylinders
– Hose barb connector and Port for quick connection outlet configurations available.

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