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CBA series – Brass High Pressure O-Ring

Cylinder Valves for Industrial Gases
O-Ring technology provides superior leak integrity
100% leak test to 1.2 times cylinder service pressure
All marking on the valve neck, protects against damage
Large seat orifice provides faster vacuum and filling rates
Available bursting discs for all DOT cylinders
Unique seat holder design
Unitized “plug style” bursting disc


O-Ring Seal B and MC Acetylene Cylinder Valves

Handwheel design permits easy access to the valve stem and bonnet to perform leak checks in compliance with DOT requirements.
Positive spindle nut seal with the valve body eliminates the need for constant tightening of packing nuts.
Robust brass handwheel prevents breakage and corrosion associated with aluminium versions.
Soft seat extends service life and reduces leakage.


M2000 O-Ring High pressure Valves for Carbon Dioxide

Easy Handwheel operation under high pressure.
Markings on the neck valve protects against damage.
O-Ring seal type valve.
Internal Bursting disc with coloured plastic cap.


M2000 O-Ring High pressure Valves for Acetylene

O-Ring technology provides superior leak integrity.
Easy operation under high pressure.
All marking on the valve neck, protects against damage.
All valves are “π” marked according to 2010/35 EU.

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