Today, as in ancient Greece, fire remains the symbol of the world’s most important sporting event. Since the 1928 edition, the ancient tradition that additional fires should remain lit at Zeus and his wife Hera’s temple for the duration of the Ancient Olympic Games was revived in Amsterdam. The rediscovery of the holy fire of Olympia is due to the architect Jan Wils, who designed a brazier on top of the so-called Marathon Tower in the stadium that would host the ninth edition of the Modern Olympics.
Fire, as a symbol of the development of civilisation and union between countries, also features in the torchbearers relay. Like the ancient messengers in charge of communicating the state of non- belligerence for the duration of the Games, today the torches, and the torchbearers with them, act as a vehicle for the noble values of union and peace that sport intends to spread out.

Cavagna Group display one of the torches from the ceremony proudly in their Head Office in Brescia to remember what a wonderful occasion it was to be part of such a momentus event.