gas regulator with display

Thanks to a gas regulator with display, it is now possible to know how much gas is left in the cylinder at any time. The Cavagna Group markets a very practical and competitive product for domestic and outdoor uses, achieving success in many European and Middle Eastern countries.

When you are using LPG at home or in your spare time, it can be an unpleasant surprise to find out that your tank is empty. Nothing ruins a barbecue like running out of gas! But now this risk can be avoided thanks to technology that is as simple in its operation as it is effective in its result: the Cavagna Group low pressure regulator with display.

How it works

By moving from green to red, the display shows that the gas is running out. When the display is fully green it means that there is plenty of gas in the cylinder; when it starts to turn red, it means that there are only a few kilograms left. When it is clearly red, it means that it is time to replace the cylinder. The gas regulator is equipped with an excess flow device in order to ensure greater safety. There is also a version with an SBS device that intercepts gas leaks at pipe level and shuts off the flow. A reset button then restarts it.

Gas regulator with display: case study

This gas regulator was immediately met with positive feedback in several countries, and today it is widely used in France, Turkey and Poland. Notably, however, it is now broadly used in Jordan as well. What’s happening in this country is particularly significant: a Jordanian gas equipment manufacturer has adopted this product because it knows that a useful and user-friendly device will help it stand out from the competition. Indeed, the market response was immediately positive. The Cavagna Group gas regulator with display is part of a range of similar solutions that are increasingly appreciated by gas companies, especially considering their commitment to promoting more widespread use of LPG. Not surprisingly, the Cavagna Group was the first manufacturer to incorporate a display directly on the valve. Thanks to this innovation, the Group now has an even broader range of products for different cylinder and tank applications.